April 23, 2018By Roxanne Blanford

CAE Healthcare LearningSpace: 3 Powerful Tiers of Clinical Simulation Center Management

Recently, CAE Healthcare, a worldwide training partner in healthcare simulation and education solutions, re-vamped and re-launched its acclaimed CAE LearningSpace audiovisual-driven software platform. Now, with three distinct tiers of comprehensive, yet intuitive capture and playback configurations, LearningSpace offers simulation center managers a total solution with greater flexibility and expanded accessibility so that they may more efficiently attain specific objectives. Today Roxanne Blanford, writer for CAE Healthcare‘s Simulation Blog, shares how the tiered approach provides simulation programs the systems they specifically need:

Which CAE LearningSpace Solution is Right for Your Sim Space?

Each individual LearningSpace configuration is specifically designed with a robust, yet user-friendly interface to deliver effective video-driven improvement. CAE LearningSpace is a complete, state-of-the-art solution. Scalable, web-based and safe, LearningSpace gives training facilitators the power to record, annotate and assess from any room (from any device, from anywhere). And, since there is no third-party software installation, they also get peace of mind because all captured data is confidently secured. Authentication is centralized, access is password protected, and recordings are encrypted. The three options are:

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  • LearningSpace Enterprise:  A proven, enterprise-wide solution for effective center management
  • LearningSpace Essentials: A streamlined way for nursing and allied health professionals manage training
  • LearningSpace Experience: The affordable option to achieve always-on capture and recording for easy debrief.

About LearningSpace

CAE LearningSpace is a powerful simulation center management solution for medical schools, nurse education programs, allied health and hospital-based simulation programs. The scalable healthcare education platform is user-friendly, web-based and secure. Invest in LearningSpace to gain a 360-degree view of your simulation training environment performance and educational outcomes. Your faculty will deliver more effective video-driven improvement with integrated patient data and facilitator’s notes. Your center director will provide objective, data-driven assessment tools while managing your healthcare simulation training environment more efficiently anytime and from anywhere.

LearningSpace has enabled Eastern Virginia Medical School to verify and validate most of the soft skills that we teach to our students. It has proven helpful to provide captured video to instructors and to students as part of the feedback mechanism and learning process. Because of this increased level of instruction, our students are consistently ranked highly against their peers when in residency or preceptorships; this is due in part to our widespread and consistent use of LearningSpace. Robert K. Armstrong, Jr. Director, Eastern Virginia Medical School

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  • Web-based: Record, annotate and assess in any room, on any device and from anywhere with no need for separate user licenses. Eliminate downtime with remote system monitoring, troubleshooting, regular backups and software updates.
  • Secure: With state-of-the art web technology, LearningSpace helps you protect privacy and data. Ensure protection for your institution with centralized authentication for all users, password sign-on and encryption of all captured data and recording.
  • Plugin-less: LearningSpace is a complete, self-contained solution. There is no need to install additional third party software or plug-ins to effectively use our video debriefing tools to capture data, assess learners or manage your center.
  • Scalable With one scalable platform for healthcare education and universal hardware configurations, CAE LearningSpace grows with your center without requiring replacement equipment. Simply add rooms, features, and even linked simulation centers as your program grows.
  • Best-in-class customer service: CAE Healthcare delivers proven solutions with the added value of expert guidance and support. We offer free Training for Life for all your staff, live telephone support and remote monitoring for proactive troubleshooting and resolution.
  • Turnkey project management From initial consultation through system design, implementation and training, you will work with one dedicated team that will help you meet your educational objectives, budget and timeline. Whether your goal is to increase pass rates, prove ROI for your simulation center or ensure maximum efficiency with limited staff, we are the best team to offer a custom simulation management platform.

From formative simulations and performance-based skills assessments to comprehensive center management for multiple programs across multiple locations, CAE LearningSpace has the solution to suit any existing and changing needs. As a world leader in simulation-based turnkey training solutions, CAE Healthcare offers an experienced and dedicated staff with healthcare simulation expertise that is unmatched in the industry.

Learn more about CAE LearningSpace: 3 Powerful Tiers of Sim Center Management!

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