August 20, 2015By Lance Baily

CAE Healthcare ‘Vivo’ Android Software App Allows for Intuitive Manikin Control & Debriefing

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At SimGHOSTS 2015 USA I had a moment to connect with Pamela Azevedo, Patient Simulation Product Manager for CAE Healthcare, who showcased the new Vivo tablet software which now enables CAE Healthcare customers to better manipulate and control their simulation equipment and debriefing processes. With colorful intuitive buttons it was easy to start controlling the nearby METIman and setup ongoing timeframes for patient vital sign changes. I was thrilled to see how simple it could be and fun to operate! Below is some more information about the Vivo which is now available as an upgrade for all current METIman users, and will ship standard with tablet for all new METIman purchases. The software is currently android only but I imagine it will be ported over to iOS in the future.

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With Vïvo, you are in full control of the simulation. Create an evidence-based scenario or operate the simulator on the fly. Vïvo places you in the center of the simulation environment and connects you with your learner.

  • Your Patient, Your Way – Invent the patient you need to prepare learners. With a touch, change one patient parameter, or design a pathway.
  • Assess in Real Time – Quickly capture learner-patient interactions within Vïvo’s integrated checklists and with instructor notations.
  • Get Started in Minutes – Vïvo’s intuitive, inviting interface allows you to feel your way with little need for training or technical support.
  • Designed for Tablet – Launch a simulation anytime and anywhere. Write scenarios on the tablet or design new scenarios.

You can sign up for a webinar or learn more now at CAE Healthcare Vivo Website today!

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