Trauma F/X

Trauma F/X is an innovative medical simulation and training technology development company that works to improve survivability of severe injuries on the battlefield and in civilian casualty situations. The healthcare simulation company specializes in high-fidelity, ruggedized simulators that deliver a lifelike experience for trainees, creating situation awareness while enabling field exercises in any environment or weather condition.

According to Trauma F/X, the difference between the company’s patient simulators and others can be defined by three R’s: realistic, rugged and responsive. First, as the products are designed by award-winning Hollywood special effects artists, Trauma F/X is able to deliver a look and feel more lifelike than other simulation manikin systems.

Second, they are rugged due to being engineered specifically for prolonged use in field training. The Trauma F/X healthcare simulation manikins are tether-less, durable and water resistant. Third, they are especially responsive because they are constructed with meticulous detail for anatomical accuracy and physiological response to treatment.

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The training simulators built by Trauma F/X allow military and civilian first responders to better learn critical medical interventions under stressful conditions. Through a combination of a highly-realistic appearance, lifelike feel, anatomical fidelity, autonomous response to treatment and an accurate weight, these medical patient simulators present an extremely immersive training experience.

During each experience, advanced sensors are used to monitor medical interventions and patient statuses, transmitting that data wirelessly to a ruggedized remote control. Then, educators can evaluate the learners performance as in real-time through simulation debriefing. Trauma F/X’s goal is use this feedback to be able to optimize instruction for a more productive learning experience and outcome.

Helping to spread the Trauma F/X mission and the use of company simulators across educational environments, the company’s simulators and manikins have been presented at a variety of medical simulation conferences, exhibitions and shows, such as those hosted by SimGHOSTS, INACSL, ASPiH, SESAM, and the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) from the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSiH).

Competitors include the TOM Man from ITTS, as well as various military patient simulators from companies like CAE Healthcare, Gaumard, and Laerdal Medical.

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Medical Training Services

Trauma F/X offers a wide range of medical training services to meet the needs of clients across multiple industries. The company’s training programs are based on decades of military, first responder and Special Operations expertise. They are built upon in-depth, first-hand operational knowledge of medical Program of Instruction (POI) development.

The courses themselves are taught by a global network of experienced, well-trained instructors, most of whom are prior military. Alternatively, many educators come from paramilitary backgrounds, having worked on various special operations medical staffs. Their areas of expertise span traditional field medicine, advanced field medical skills, intensive nursing care, internal medicine, emergency medicine, cardiology, trauma surgery and even veterinarian credentials.

All Trauma F/X training courses can be customized to meet any special training requirements. Standard courses offered by the company include:

  • Special Operations Medic – Advanced Medical Assessment (SOM-AMA)
  • Prolonged Field Care Concepts and Application (PFC-CA)
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care – All Personnel/Medical Personnel (TCCC-AP/MP)
  • Canine (K9) Trauma Experience
  • Trauma Scenario Generation (TSG)
  • Casualty Evacuation (CASEVAC)

Patient Simulators for Specialized Industries

Trauma F/X has a long history of supporting all branches of the military and government. The company’s interchangeable upper and lower units can be combined in different combinations to create the ideal simulation for nearly any exercise. Lower units can be used with live actors, which can add surprise and complexity to mass casualty training or disaster response exercises.

The ruggedized, high-fidelity simulators offer learners a powerful, lifelike experience for the best intervention practice. Ideal for TCCC, TECC and ALS courses, the simulators can withstand the rigors of use in extreme environments, harsh weather conditions and with any type of vehicle or aircraft. Additionally, long-range wireless RC control units allow educators to continuously operate simulators when they cannot be near learners, such as during simulated rescues from tall buildings or confined spaces.

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Trauma F/X’s high fidelity simulation education training systems available are a great addition to any university or teaching hospital. This is because their hyper-realistic visual and tactile stimuli can help desensitize new learners to severe traumatic injuries. Realistic skin and lifelike response to treatment and moulage help learners to practice critical techniques without the aid of marked indicators as well.

Trauma F/X Simulators

Trauma F/X’s Whole-Body Simulators (WBS) include the MATT-PB, HEMO-PB, EMIT-TacMed and Clinical Response models. These are rugged, realistic full body trainers for the treatment of severe trauma. WBS simulators offer realistic leg movement and lifelike arterial bleeding that deliver ultra-high-fidelity simulation training for a truly immersive learning experience. The simulators also incorporate pulses, breathing, and real-time feedback though our long-range remote control.

Using WBS, learners can employ field techniques such as hand, knee and elbow pressure to occlude bleeding. They can physically locate both radial and carotid pulses, assess breathing patterns and use this information to perform appropriate interventions. The system incorporates other intervention training such as maintaining a patient’s airway, needle decompression, identifying tension pneumothorax, bi-lateral chest tube insertion, cricothyroidotomy and Intraosseous (I/O) infusion.

Each WBS system consists of an upper and lower torso that disconnect for easier storage and transportation. When assembled, the simulator functions as a complete human body and can be operated by a single remote control. Injuries, bleeding and interventions performed (or not performed) will affect overall patient health and vitals.

The connection mechanism used to attach upper and lower torsos is standardized across the entire Trauma F/X portfolio, allowing users to customize their configuration by combining different upper and lower torsos to vary the wounds and features needed for their specific training requirements. The remote-control software can recognize and pair with any Trauma F/X remote-controlled simulator, providing seamless transition when changing components.

An upper body torso simulator, the Trauma F/X APL-C is a 6-in-1 trainer that can be used during the crawl phase of training. This simulator trains responders to perform life-saving tasks such as maintaining a patient’s airway, needle decompression, cricothyroidotomy and Intraosseous (I/O) infusion. Other abdominal simulators produced by Trauma F/X include the APL with Abdominal Evisceration for abdominal evisceration, APL-Pulses/Breathing for breathing and intubation, Clinical Response Upper and Clinical Response Upper Resuscitate.

The company also offers a Chest Trainer, which is a ruggedized partial upper torso medical simulator that helps learners during the crawl phase of training. The Chest Trainer is designed to help learners identify and practice treating patients that require needle decompression and intraosseous (I/O) infusion. The torso includes a simulated partial rib cage and sternum.

As for lower body simulators, the Trauma F/X Clinical Response Lower (CRL) is designed for prolonged field care and delivers high-fidelity realism and durability creating authentic clinical simulation of traumatic injuries to support the Continuum of Care – Point of Injury (POI), Secondary Care and Prolonged Field Care. The CRL adds to the robust capabilities of the Multiple Amputation Trauma Trainer (MATT) and Packable Hemostatic (HEMO) Trauma Trainer and delivers a full left leg with a bleeding wound at the inguinal crease for hemostatic wound training, catheterization capabilities and a traumatic amputation of the right leg requiring a tourniquet.

With multiple gunshot wound training in mind, the Trauma F/X Emergency Medical Trauma Trainer (EMITT) is a collection of mid-fidelity medical simulators and ems simulators created specifically to address training requirements for civilian first responders. The EMITT-Active Shooter Lower includes a packable hemostatic wound at the inguinal crease (replicated from a gunshot exit wound) and a gunshot wound to the thigh with arterial bleeding. Constructed with a strong urethane core and realistic, durable synthetic skin, the Active Shooter Lower is an extremely effective multipurpose training tool allowing learners to perform critical life-saving tasks while training in nearly any environment or weather condition.

Other lower body simulations produced by Trauma F/X include the EMITT-Tactical Medical Lower, HEMO-Gunshot Wound, HEMO-No Animatronics, Hemorrhage Control Skills Trainer (HCST), Hemostatic Wound Trainer (HEMO), Multiple Amputation Trauma Trainer (MATT), MATT-Abdominal Casualty Expectant and Non-Injured Complete Lower Trainer. Any Trauma F/X lower body simulator can be paired with an upper torso trainer to optimize the training experience.

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