June 3, 2016By Lance Baily

High Performance Computing (HPC) and Simulation Enabling Breakthrough in Cardiovascular Science

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An interesting article from a High Performance Computing (HPC) news website about the new potential for such devices to help with simulations of Cardiovascular Science:

Article Excerpt:

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Computer-driven simulation is proven to have positive effects on product quality and performance for a wide range of businesses; just look at what simulation has accomplished for industries like automotive, aerospace, and industrial manufacturing. Imagine if surgeons could leverage these same capabilities to predict the success rates of new surgical procedures before ever picking up a scalpel – how many more medical devices would succeed if they could first be tested on virtual patients before application in the real world?

Simulation and modeling capabilities are driving improvements to both product development and patient care in the treatment of heart disease:

  • Predictive modeling can show how heart conditions are likely to progress, allowing physicians to diagnose heart conditions earlier and intervene with medical treatment before a heart attack occurs.
  • New cardiovascular devices can be approved more quickly without the need for costly physical prototypes or lengthy clinical trials.
  • Models can be tested under varying conditions early in the design process to make changes on-the-fly before the testing phase.
  • Data from a specific patient’s CT scan or MRI can help create a unique model of that patient’s heart, which can then be used to virtually test potential treatments.

High performance computing technologies are a key enabler of the highly realistic simulations that are driving improvements to patient care and treatment outcomes. The exponential growth of HPC is making the ability to model the complex behavior of the human heart a reality for the mainstream medical community, and is providing researchers volumes of valuable, real-time information, which will enable better data-driven care decisions.

HPC modeling and simulation solutions are at the very core of the breakthrough capabilities of the modern medical community, offering endless possibilities not only for scientific discovery but for an increased quality of life.

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Read the full article on the HPC Wire Website!

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