October 23, 2015By Lance Baily

Oct. 29th Free Webinar From Laerdal: How to Use Audio-Based Simulation to Impact Learning Outcomes

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Free Online Webinar: How to Use Audio-Based Simulations to Impact Learning Outcomes in Hospitals and in the Classroom

Thursday, October 29, 20152PM EDT

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Presented by Richard Stone, an expert in using clinical storytelling as a means for improving patient safety and reducing preventable harm

Join Laerdal partner Synensis and Richard Stone, one of the worlds leading experts in audio-simulation and clinical storytelling, to learn about new approaches to teaching and training that employ Narrative Pedagogy. In this webinar Richard Stone will discuss 3 cases in which the use of narrative simulation led to Level 3 and Level 4 Learning Outcomes. He will also focus on how audio simulation is changing the paradigm for how hospitals can teach TeamSTEPPS and nursing educators are aligning their curricula to the new QSEN competencies.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why story-based simulations may be one of the most effective means for engaging teams to improve performance
  • How story-based simulations may be one of the best ways to engage learners in TeamSTEPPS and the new QSEN nursing competencies
  • How to develop effective story simulations that can prepare learners for better and faster engagement during hands-on clinical simulations

Please reserve an hour for this event. Opportunities for Q&A will be provided.

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