January 20, 2015By Lance Baily

Free EMS Webinar Next Wed: Training Simulated or Standardized Patients for Role Portrayal

simulation webinar
Another great webinar from EMS, this time on the acting

Presented by:
Debra Nestel, PhD, FAcadMEd, CHSE-A
Professor of Simulation Education in Healthcare School of Rural Health,
HealthPEER – Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences – Monash University, Victoria, Australia

Abstract: High quality simulated or standardized patient (SP) work requires training for role portrayal and for feedback. The webinar is divided into two parts. The first part focuses on training approaches for role portrayal while the second considers ways to ensure establishing standardization prior to high stakes examinations. Training SPs for feedback is beyond the scope of this webinar.

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The training approach draws on the tradition of theatre practitioner Stanislavski and comprises four steps: (1) developing the person’s character, (2) explaining the learning activity to the SPs, (3) exploring the clinical context and (4) rehearsing. Underpinning the approach is the notion that the character of the person to be portrayed remains prominent, allowing the SPs to develop a shared and coherent understanding of their role, the scenario and the overall activity (Nestel et al, 2014).

The readiness for participating in high stakes assessment draws on practices developed for the Pharmacy Board of Canada. Smith et al (2014) have developed materials that will be shared that facilitate SP educators in ensuring that standardization has been achieved.

The presenters will share their experiences and invite questions and comments.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

2:00 pm EST
(1:00 pm CST; 12 Noon MST; 11:00 am PST)

Webinars are one hour in length. Space is limited. 

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