July 25, 2014By Lance Baily

SIMStation Provides Cutting Edge Video Recording Debriefing Systems to EU


I have recently been made aware of SIMStation, an Austria-based company providing medical simulation A/V recording and debriefing hardware & software that’s already creating a lot of buzz in the European Union. Having watched their video I can attest to the claimed simplicity of their GUI (Generated User Interface) which looks simple to operate and manipulate. SIMStation will be at ASPIH 2014 in the UK later this year so if you are in the EU, that will be the best place to check out this new emerging company and product. I love how the system captures direct wireless microphone audio from participants which should produce better sound results, and I am always a fan of anything that shoots, captures, displays and records quickly in HD! Their products are in numerous centers around the EU and they have plans to expand into the United States in the near future.

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About the Company

With the professional background of 20 years international expertise in the media software and media technology field, SIMStation was founded in 2011. With the support of currently 17 employees, we design and develop innovative audio-video debriefing systems, and we are providing consultant services in planning and implementation of technical facilities for medical simulation centers. As technicians and enthusiasts for medical simulations we see it as our task to set a new standard in the area of audio-video-debriefing with our mobile and fixed facilities.

About SIMStation From Their Website:

SIMStation is Mobile:

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More and more frequently, in-situ simulation trainings are being conducted in the familiar work environment, e.g. a hospital´s intensive care unit or emergency room rather than in a special simulation center.The SIMStation system can be used both in a mobile or stationary capacity. Thanks to a lightweight aluminum design and to carefully selected components that are as compact and space-saving as possible, the SIMStation system fits in any car and can be effortlessly set up within a few minutes directly at the training location.

Video Recording in HD-Quality

Although it is compact and portable, the system shows no loss in quality when compared to stationary systems – quite the opposite: SIMStation offers four individual video channels in HD-quality! Video signals can be optionally displayed during recording or debriefing in quad split screen view or HD full screen. As Application Development Partner of AXIS, the global market leader in network video, we have access to the best and most reliable video recording technology and are able to integrate this in our systems.

Outstanding Audio Quality

We believe that optimal clarity of the spoken word is a particularly relevant factor which is not sufficiently considered in many debriefing systems in use. In order to optimally identify ‚human factors‘ in particular, i.e. strengths and weaknesses in communication and team coordination, the excellent transmission and recording of each spoken word is essential. The SIMStation comes equipped with professional wireless microphones used in stage technology which allows for individual and synchronous recording and transmission of communication of up to six training participants.

SIMStation Recording Software

The SIMStation recording software with touchscreen interface handles audiovisual recording and at the same time offers trainers the option of inserting easy and precise marks and notes during training simulation. The exact timing of important events such as the administration of drugs, intubation or cardiac massage can be stored via preconfigured icons just as notes on good or bad communication or coordination may be saved.

SIMStation Debriefing Tablet

It is important to create a discreet and personal environment during debriefing, letting technology fade into the background. Debriefing may take place in a room in the immediate vicinity of the training room. With this in mind, SIMStation offers a compact and mobile debriefing unit, controlled by tablet. During debriefing, the trainer only needs the SIMStation Tablet with which individual scenes marked or annotated during training can be played back on an HD- television set or projector.

SIMStation Live Player

The compact SIMStation LivePlayer System allows you to transmit sounds and images of any training live to several rooms.

simstation medical simulation recording

Download the SIMStation PDF Product Sheet Here to learn more and then visit the SIMStation Website!

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