August 19, 2019By Lance Baily

Level 3 Healthcare Hosts NY Simulation Skills Camp 9/24

The Level 3 Healthcare New York Medical Simulation Chapter Skills Camp is a quarterly networking & education group for clinical simulation professionals. This September 24 at 9AM in Mineola NY will be a day of Advanced Debriefing by the NY Sim Chapter Skills Camp! Learn more about this special event, the Level 3 Healthcare 2020 Bootcamp, and the latest online resources from one of the leading Simulation in Healthcare A/V Vendors!

There are close to 60 simulation centers in the NY area with a broad knowledge in healthcare simulation that can be shared through a networking base. Level 3 Healthcare would like to host a gathering to share this knowledge with the entire New York/New Jersey area through a New York Simulation Chapter and bi-yearly on-site “Skills Camp” meetings at group-selected locations.

Come join the Level 3 Healthcare skills team in the New York and New Jersey area to support and learn with simulation professionals near you. This quarterly NY Sim Chapter Skills Camp will be discussing the topic of advanced debriefing, taught by Rami Ahmed. After the class the one-day workshop will have q&a’s, followed by cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and networking!

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Learn more & Register for the Level 3 NY Sim Boot Camp Here!

Next year, the company will be repeating its 3-day Mesa, Arizona main HQ Boot Camp on April 14th, for a cost of $3,000 per participant (hotel included). This three-day event provides Simulation Operation Specialists and Simulation Technicians (all levels) to experience a new hands-on training experience, that is ahead of its time in the simulation industry. This venture provides you with the skills to enhance your capabilities of educating your colleagues and define an amplified version of your institution’ objects. Learn more about the 2020 Boot Camp here.

About Level 3 Healthcare

Level 3 Healthcare is a healthcare simulation technology company, with over 22 years of AV installation experience from their parent company, Level 3 Audiovisual. The Level 3 Healthcare division is an Audio Visual integration company that specializes in providing technology and software for simulation centers nationwide.

Their team of hand-picked simulation educators and facility managers are not only passionate about state-of-the-art simulation practices, but to educate our community on the best ways to effectively and economically practice simulation education.

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