May 26, 2014By Lance Baily

How They Make MATT: Multiple Amputee Trauma Trainer

multiple amputee trauma trainer

Today as we honor those who have provided or are currently providing military service comes this video from Kernerworks, formerly a movie special effects company now famous for working with MythBuster’s Jamie Hyneman to build the MATT: Multiple Amputee Trauma Trainer. From the show “Tested” comes this behind-the-scenes look at how MATT’s are built to be rugged enough for military environments while simultaneously creating life-like training opportunities for combat medics.

Kernerworks has its roots in the feature film industry. Most of our team have spent decades working on the design, conceptualization and delivery of some of the most memorable visual effects sequences in history. When developing visual effects for feature films like Star Wars, Terminator, and Pirates of the Caribbean there are a variety of one-off devices that are built for the production. Often, these items are entirely unique and must be fabricated quickly and on location. With several decades of experience on demanding film sets, our team can build just about anything and has the facilities to do so. Whether we are building a complex trauma simulation mannequins — complete with realistic skin, robotics, radio controllers and a variety of complex features — or a new kind of delivery system for the US Army, our team has the unique ability to conceptualize, design and build prototypes quickly and on a budget.

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Here’s the MATT in action at the US Army’s Fort Jackson:

About Kernerworks and MATT:

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At Kernerworks, we conceptualize, design, refine and then build disruptive solutions to a variety of problems. Our most successful project to date has been M.A.T.T., our Multiple Amputee Trauma Trainer. M.A.T.T. was initially developed in partnership between M5 Industries, Kerner Optical, KForce Government Solutions and RDECOM. M.A.T.T. (multiple amputee trauma trainer) has won numerous awards and is doing an excellent job training military medics for some of the most difficult situations they will face in the field.

Following on the success of M.A.T.T., Kernerworks has become the designer and manufacturer of the TraumaSim™ and TraumaFX line of products. The TraumaFX line is available exclusively through KForce Government Solutions.

The TraumaFX product line introduced a new level of realism into the world of medical simulation. Our team’s long history of creating some of the most realistic creatures, models and human casts has allowed TraumaFX to leapfrog the level of realism that existed in the medical simulation industry before. The TraumaFX line has also introduced an entirely new level of robustness — our simulators are tough as nails and disturbingly realistic. Our TraumaSim™ training environments include highly realistic trauma simulation equipment, virtual training environments and gamified training platforms that provide both highly realistic trauma training as well as a form of PTSD ‘inoculation’ by preparing people for the realities of in-theater medical procedures.

matt combat simulator

About MATT:

The TraumaFX® MATT is a ruggedized, tetherless, remote controlled trauma trainer that delivers high-fidelity simulations of lower-body blast injuries commonly caused by Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) or other explosive events.

MATT employs state-of-the-art special effects materials and technologies to deliver incredibly realistic visual and tactile stimuli with lifelike response to treatment. Bleeding from the tourniquet trainers can be occluded at any point along the femoral artery from the groin to just above the amputation sites. Instead of only using one sensor in a ‘sweet spot’, MATT has sensor rails running the entire length of the legs as well as locations around the groin that can be accessed with direct pressure from a hand, knee, or tourniquet device.

MATT Specifications:

  • Full-motion animatronics combined with practical special effects technology
  • Arterial bleeding from both legs
  • Accurately simulates pulse bleeding and the effects of tourniquet application
  • Multiple tourniquet points along legs
  • Bleeding can be controlled with direct pressure from knee or elbow
  • Can be used with human actors
  • Specially formulated synthetic tissue with unparalleled realism and durability
  • Highly realistic visual and tactile stimuli
  • Ruggedized Remote Control with extended range
  • Crepitus to cue for crushed pelvic region
  • Realistic, resilient, and water resistant
  • Durable urethane core
  • Solid state electronics
  • Scrotal avulsion
  • Easy to clean and maintain after use
  • Optional interchangeable priapism to simulate spinal injury

Check out the Kernerworks website and the KForce.Gov MATT homepage for more great info!

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