March 25, 2014By Lance Baily

"VIRTSIM" From Motion Reality Provides Virtual Reality Physical Environment Simulator


VIRTSIM from Motion Reality is a basketball sized arena virtual reality real-time simulator for military combat training. Learners wear special tracking systems and VR googles so that they can be fully immersed in a virtual reality 3d simulated training environment, which allows them to freely move and interact with the space physically.  The implications here are strong for us in medical simulation within military and EMS/Fire Services. The entire 3d environment is digitally recorded for playback debriefing from a multitude of angles so that instructors can provide full perspectives. Currently the system is being utilized for military, police and golfing applications.

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From the Motion Reality Website:

VIRTSIM trainees are fully immersed “head-to-toe” in training scenarios requiring the execution of basic individual maneuvers, complex unit tactics, and mission rehearsals.  They are able to train as individuals, in teams, or in full squads. Trainees have complete freedom of movement to run, jump, or crawl throughout the full volume (up to 5,000 square feet – equivalent to a basketball court), unrestricted by wires or tethers. The VIRTSIM system allows training in a range of reconfigurable environments. User-customizable scenarios can be configured within these environments to train individuals in direct action, counter-terrorism, react to contact, or other Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) based on the Current Operating Environment (COE).

military vr simulator

Each trainee’s performance is summarized in a database for the team leader’s easy access. VIRTSIM After Action Report (AAR) capability addresses trainees’ performance ranging from basic individual maneuvers to the more complex nature of team and squad maneuvers and mission rehearsals. This 3D AAR provides playback of all actions and shots from every angle, as well as from each participant’s individual perspective. All trainee body motions and all shots fired by every participant are recorded and displayed, and every training session is automatically catalogued and stored in an accessible database. These sessions are available for replay at any time. Trainers can evaluate weapon discipline, sector responsibility, use of cover, and every shot a trainee has fired, allowing them to address safety concerns and tactical errors throughout the process.

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This system clearly has potential for medics in military situations to better train for evacuations during hostile engagements. As well, Fire and EMS personnel can benefit from practicing rescue scenarios in dangerous situations such as fire consumed buildings.

Learn more at the Motion Reality website!

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