June 21, 2023By Teresa Gore

SimVS IV Pump Simulator to Increase Realism and Learning for Students

SimVS Nucleus has the first and only IV infusion pump simulator to assist learners in the development of safe medication delivery practices. The infusion pump allows learners the opportunity for immersive learning of volume, dose, and weight-based calculations.SimVS is constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation to improve learners’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes development to provide safe patient care. This HealthySimulation.com article will explore the benefits and impact of SimVS IV pump simulator.

Why Incorporate IV Interfaces With Healthcare Students?

According to the National Library of Medicine in 2023, there are close to 6,800 prescription medications available along with numerous over-the-counter medications that healthcare providers must be knowledgeable about. Each year approximately 7,000 to 9,000 people die each year in the United States due to a medication error. IV medication administration errors have the highest potential for complications due to absorption directly into the bloodstream. IV medication errors lead to increased costs and longer hospitalizations and can increase morbidity and mortality. These complications include cardiovascular and pulmonary alterations and anaphylaxis.

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The skills of IV medication preparation and administration require a higher level of critical thinking. The most common IV administration errors include the wrong rate, miscalculation of medication dose, and incompatibility of solvents or medications. A systematic review found around the safe use of high concentrations or high-risk medication, drug calculations, and double-check verifications. IV pumps are involved in about 40% of those med errors.

A lot of nursing programs have used IV pumps that are decommissioned or old. These pumps may not have the ability to calculate the dosage of IV continuous infusion medications or bolus for safe patient care. Older IV pumps may not have a current list of medications and dosages or do not have the capability to calculate the medication dosage and rates. This is why SimVS’s simulated IV pump is a solution to this problem.

SimVS Simulated IV Pump

SimVS developed the world’s first virtual IV Pump in 2023. In April 2023 SimVS set forth to assist faculty members to instill safe medication delivery practices for their learners. This cutting-edge technology provides users with a realistic and safe environment to practice the administration of IV medications and fluids. The virtual IV pump offers a cost-effective and risk-free alternative to traditional training equipment, just like the virtual monitors and defibrillators range offered by SimVS.

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One advantage of the SimVS pump offers the learners is the capability to practice psychomotor skills and critical thinking to learn a complex skill. The SimVS IV-Pump comes with four commonly seen pump interfaces to meet the requirements of any medical simulation center, regardless of which IV interface the student may encounter in real life. The SimVS IV-Pump can incorporate volume, dose, and weight-based calculations, primary and secondary infusions, dosage controls, and drug selections. The learners can navigate drug selection and dosage controls along with primary and secondary infusions.

Students can choose from a list of immersive scenarios, or educators create unique cases to use with students. The immersive scenarios can simulate the stress that learners can face in the workplace when administering IV fluids and medications. This will allow learners to develop coping strategies when working in stressful environments that require critical thinking during clinical simulations. Through these experiences, medication errors can be reduced.

Another benefit of SimVS IV pump simulator is the ability for instructors to send medication orders to students to simulate a healthcare provider sending a computer order. This simulates the ability of the learner to receive a medication order, and respond to and complete the order. This allows students and faculty the ability to review learner actions in real time or later during the scenario debriefing. Faculty have the capability to create intentional errors to measure the learner’s response. These opportunities can lead to a reduction in medication errors by allowing students to connect their actions with the outcomes.

Some of the other advantages of the IV pump simulator are the ease and convenient setup of the simulator. The drug library allows the faculty to program new medications to keep current with clinical practice. The SimVS IV pump can be run in the self-study mode or the Instructor-led mode along with two-way feedback.

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More About SimVS

Today, SimVS is one of the world’s most successful providers of simulated medical device monitors, boasting thousands of unit installations on devices across the globe. SimVS is a trailblazer in developing affordable simulated medical device technology. The founders of SimVS recognized that existing healthcare simulation equipment was both expensive and cumbersome, so an effort was made to create more accessible alternatives that would enhance the clinical training experience. With a groundbreaking line of virtual patient monitors, assessment devices, IV Pumps, defibrillators, ventilators, vital signs devices, and nurse call buttons, SimVS has revolutionized how medical professionals and clinical students train and practice skills.

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