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Top 10 Healthcare Simulation Webinars of 2022

HealthySimulation.com’s LEARN CE/CME Platform hosted dozens of healthcare simulation webinars over the past year. These medical simulation presentations were viewed by thousands of learners across the globe, sharing industry insights and trends. The goal of the HealthySimulation.com LEARN CE/CME platform is to help educate and inform clinical simulation learners around the world to strengthen and expand the industry’s impact on medicine and training. This HealthySimulation.com article highlights the best healthcare simulation webinars of 2022. Want to submit healthcare simulation webinar abstracts to help support the clinical simulation community in 2023? Submit an abstract here now!

10) Simulating Medication Administration with a Real Pyxis MedStation

Presented by Mike Franzese, BS, this one-hour, beginner webinar shares the benefits of training medication administration with an actual Pyxis MedStation in a healthcare simulation program. This webinar will answer the question, “What can the Pyxis platform offer my program in terms of teaching realistic medication administration?” The market leader in medication dispensing systems can be used to educate clinical students on safe, patient-centered care. In partnership with Becton-Dickinson (BD), Medical Shipment is the sole provider of Pyxis MedStation products for educational programs. The Pyxis product line offers educators a customizable, scalable platform to train students on the same equipment they will later use in the hospital setting.

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9) CE: Beyond Psychomotor Skills in the Sim Lab: How Do We Foster Clinical Judgement?

Presented by Nicola Contreras DNP, RN, CHSE, Clinical Learning Lab Coordinator at Galen College of Nursing, this CE webinar covers how simulation-based education has demonstrated the ability to foster clinical judgement and bridge the knowledge practice gap for those entering clinical practice (Jang & Park, 2021). Using the INACSL Simulation Design and Facilitation Standards and Tanner’s Clinical Judgement Model (CJM) it is possible to redesign psychomotor skills laboratory activities. Adopting a learner-centered approach to facilitating carefully designed case-based learning experiences in this setting creates opportunities for learners to notice, interpret, and respond to client cues. This asks learners to reflect in action as they consider what they have noticed, interpreted, and plan to do for the client. Debriefing and reflection is incorporated into each session and asks learners to consider the how and the why behind the actions/skills implemented and possible alternative outcomes or solutions.

8) How the SimX Virtual Reality Platform is Disrupting the Clinical Training Landscape

This webinar provided an opportunity to learn more about the virtual reality products of SimX, a medical simulation company that develops software for virtual and augmented reality based out of Mountain View California. SimX was founded in 2012 by physicians at Stanford and UCSF and its technologies are already in use at top medical and nursing schools across the United States including Elsevier, NYU, Air Methods, Stanford University, the U.S. Air Force, Mayo Clinic, the VA, and many more. SimX CEO Dr. Ryan Ribeira will share more about the story behind SimX, as well as explain why VR / AR / MR are such powerfully disruptive tools in medical training. Participants will learn how SimX is different than other medical training VR platforms due to its direct development by leading physicians, which is affordable, repeatable, and meaningful! This webinar will showcase the SimX technologies and share more about the various healthcare disciplines that can benefit from using its VR simulation training tools, including the military, EMS, ACLS, Nursing programs, Psych, and OB just to name a few. A live demonstration of the SimX system will also be provided, making this webinar a unique opportunity to witness why SimX is one of the leading virtual reality platforms out there.

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7) CE: Development of Distance Simulation Educator Guidelines in Healthcare

Presented by Rami A. Ahmed, DO, MHPE, FACEP, this CE webinar will discuss the development of the first set of consensus guidelines for distance simulation educators in healthcare. The one-hour, advanced medical simulation presentation discusses a study meant to disseminate the first set of competencies required of and unique to effective distance simulation educators. This was a modified Delphi study validating the content of carefully and rigorously synthesized literature. Experts were invited from around the globe to participate in this study with mandatory attendance at an annual healthcare simulation conference to openly discuss the guidelines presented as competencies in this landmark document. The resulting document provided the first set of consensus guidelines to distance simulation educators in healthcare.

6) Healthcare Simulation Debriefing Strategies & Courses from Top Experts at The Debriefing Academy

Presented by Dr. Adam Cheng and Dr. Vincent Grant of The Debriefing Academy, this webinar covers how effective debriefing is at the heart of learning in the simulated environment. However, debriefing is a complex task where a simulation educator takes on several vital roles: guide, mediator, facilitator and teacher. These various roles and the differing contexts in which debriefing conversations occur suggests that the professional development of a clinical simulation debriefer cannot be limited to a singular event, such as a conference workshop or a debriefing course. Rather, simulation educators should embrace a journey of continuous growth and development that occurs as they gain experience, acquire additional tools that can be used across different situations, and seek out feedback relative to their debriefing practice. This webinar will explore the complex journey of a clinical simulation debriefer as it relates to skill acquisition and the development of debriefing expertise. Several formal and informal opportunities for professional development in debriefing will be presented by two international experts in the art and science of debriefing with over 30 combined years of scholarship in debriefing and faculty development.

5) CE: Virtual Debriefing: Styles, Options, and Insights

Presented by Laura Gonzalez PhD, APRN, CNE, CHSE-A, ANEF, FAAN VP of Clinical Learning Resources – Sentinel U, and Margaret Verkuyl, NP PHC, MN Nursing Professor at Centennial College, Canada, this webinar covers how debriefing is integral to healthcare simulation. The traditional debrief provides nursing students, immediate feedback and valuable insight in a judgment-free environment. Over the past two years, virtual clinical simulation exploded as programs worked to meet clinical hours and fill in learning gaps. Yet, very little is known about debriefing virtual simulations, and INACSL’s Healthcare Standards of Best Practice for Simulation don’t fully address nuances such as debriefing in a synchronous or asynchronous modality. This webinar will compare debriefing options and provide valuable insight into the styles that best fit your learners’ needs, help you make the most of learner analytics, and provide tips for organizing different debriefing formats.

4) CE: Mixed Reality XR and Healthcare Education: What Does the Future Hold?

Also presented by Laura Gonzalez, Ph.D., APRN, CNE, CHSE-A, ANEF, FAAN, this CE webinar explores the use of XR technologies in healthcare education both now, and in the future. The one-hour, intermediate presentation focuses on the use of AR/VR/MR. An overview of the different technologies is defined and described, as are the benefits and challenges of XR, privacy, and safety considerations. This is followed by a deeper dive into some exemplar cases to provide a deeper understanding of the various ways XR can be used in education and training. The current state of research into the use of XR is discussed as well, including how to measure both outcomes and usability of the technology.

3) CE: Introducing INACSL’s New Simulation Standard: Prebriefing

Presented by the INACSL Standards Committee Members for Prebriefing Standard, the CE webinar shares how in August of 2021 the new and updated Healthcare Simulation Standards of Best Practice (formerly known as the International Nursing Association of Clinical and Simulation Learning standards) were published. Included in this publication was a new standard: Prebriefing: Preparation and Briefing. Prebriefing ensures that learners are prepared for the educational content of a simulation and are also informed about the expectations of them during the simulation-based experience. Because the current literature refers to prebriefing as both preparatory activities and briefing activities, this new standard incorporates both as pre- simulation activities. Historically, the terminology related to prebriefing has varied and included numerous terms. The lack of consistency in terminology can create confusion for educators and simulationists. Standardization of terminology and methodology can help to create more standardization in future use.

2) Make Practice Perfect With CAE Medicor Clinical Skills Trainers
Presented by Jennifer Gregov, RDCS (AE/PE), RVT, this 45-minute beginner webinar highlights CAE’s comprehensive line of clinical skills trainers – CAE Medicor. CAE Medicor is a comprehensive suite of custom-made training solutions. Featuring lifelike skin and dermal tissue, the 200-plus product line provides next-generation realism. CAE Medicor products are ideal for those who are just starting out or supplementing a full suite of simulators – they can stand alone, be worn by standardized patients or used in conjunction with the full line of CAE mid- and high-fidelity manikins. Learn more about the CAE Medicor portfolio as CAE experts guide you through the array of products, including a demonstration of the IV arm.

1) 3 CMEs / 5 CEs: Champions of Simulation Virtual Symposium 2022 – Over 20 Sessions in One Event!

The insight that was shared through this incredible event brought together so many of the industry’s movers and shakers, helping us advance together toward a future that prioritizes clinical simulation in a way like never before. Leading off the event, Robert G. Louis, MD, FAANS, Chief of Neurosurgery and Director of Extended Reality (XR) Development at the Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute at Hoag Memorial Hospital, shared his presentation, “It Isn’t Brain Surgery: Using Simulation to Improve Patient Conversion, Understanding, Outcomes, and Satisfaction.” During the Industry Panel Discussion, insights from leading global vendors were shared.

Together, Lynn Welch, Vice President of Business Development & Marketing at Education Management Solutions, and Amar Patel, DHSC, MS, NRP, CHSE, FSSH, Chief Learning Officer at CAE Healthcare, advancements in the global use of technologies – such as those developed by their respective companies. Another incredibly important topic, “Advancing the Global Clinical Simulation Industry” was addressed during a special session. All recordings are currently available for viewing upon registration purchase.

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