September 12, 2013By Lance Baily

Oculus Rift & 3D Scans Demonstrate the Potential of Future Medical Simulation Training

oculus rift

Combining 3D scans of real life models in ultra high detail with the Oculus Rift and the Razer Hydra for movement controls, this video demonstrates one of the most realistic and spooky experiences in Virtual Reality. I am confident that this type of technology will be utilized in the future as a means of providing realistic simulation training experiences to healthcare professionals and students.

oculus rift in healthcare training?

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Imagine putting on a 3d virtual helmet, and immediately being transported to the scene of an accident, or the bedside of a surgical scenario. Next to you is your instructor, also in a 3d environment, and your classmates.  All in the space in real time fast-forwarding and rewinding through a realistic environment during the full length duration of the scenario. The quality of the models and virtual reality Oculus Rift device demonstrated in the video below showcase how that reality is not too far off!

*Warning*, this video contains some realistic looking nudity (albeit completely animated) – with the goal of demonstrating the effects of virtual reality lighting through 3d scans of semi-nude models.

You can click here to learn more about this virtual reality demonstration!

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