March 18, 2024By Teresa Gore

UbiSim’s Intuitive Editor Creates Meaningful Virtual Reality Simulations for Nursing Students

Nursing Simulation Clinical Educators looking for a customizable tool to create meaningful virtual reality simulations for nursing students will appreciate learning more about the UbiSim platform’s Intuitive Editor. Imagine finding a scenario that almost meets educational needs, but requires an adjustment for the patient, the equipment needed, or the medications taken. The clinical simulation scenario also has the patient information and background, but the environment or person accompanying the patient needs to be changed. The Intuitive Editor in UbiSim can seamlessly answer these issues. This article will explore how the Intuitive Editor in UbiSim can allow the simulation educator to adjust a scenario to meet the exact learning needs of students or trainees.

UbiSim is the only Virtual Reality (VR) nursing platform with a truly Intuitive Editor. Nurse educators and simulationists can personally customize UbiSim’s existing peer-reviewed scenarios however they like, create their own immersive VR simulations from scratch, or even use scenarios shared by other nursing programs within our UbiSim Community.

Innovative nurse educators utilize clinical simulation to provide learning opportunities specific to the diverse needs of their communities and patient populations. The ideal simulation platform is highly customizable, simple to learn, and intuitive to use. In simulation, customization is especially important, as educators must present a variety of learning situations that mirror the complex and ever-changing healthcare landscape.

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UbiSim is the only immersive VR educational platform focused solely on nursing. VR is a powerful modality that provides meaningful, impactful simulation experiences. To best meet the widest variety of learning objectives, the ideal VR platform will provide simulations that are ready to use, with an authoring function that allows for robust scenario customization without the need for any technical coding.

Nurse educators now have a user-friendly VR solution focused entirely on nursing that provides the opportunity to create healthcare simulation experiences to meet their learners’ educational needs. UbiSim offers a unique, fully customizable solution for all levels of pre-licensure nursing education and hospital training. The UbiSim Intuitive Editor is a revolutionary, user-friendly authoring tool that empowers nurse educators to customize and design VR simulations.

Multiple Ways for Nurse Educators to Design and Customize Scenarios

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The UbiSim Editor can be accessed and utilized from a web browser, so a VR headset is not needed for scenario design. Nurse educators can utilize the UbiSim Editor in three distinct ways. First, educators can choose from the UbiSim library of peer-reviewed, pre-made simulation scenarios. These scenarios are designed by nursing simulation experts and encompass patients from across the lifespan with a multitude of distinct healthcare needs. The pre-made scenarios feature a user-friendly format, with the reassurance that the nursing simulation is evidence-based and designed in accordance with simulation best practice guidelines.

Second, educators can use the Intuitive Editor to customize the existing UbiSim scenarios. The customizability of UbiSim makes the platform truly special, as small alterations to the patient’s condition, social history, or treatment plan can create a completely new experience for students. Customizing the pre-made VR scenarios can be done quickly (in 15 minutes or less), with the UbiSim Intuitive Editor seamlessly guiding the educator through the entire process. The ability to generate customizable scenarios helps the educator to meet distinct learning objectives that focus on specific patient populations, wellness goals, and disease processes.

The third way nursing educators can use the UbiSim Intuitive Editor is to create their own VR simulation scenarios from scratch. The Editor guides the nurse educator through every step of the simulation design process and ensures that the scenario contains all the elements required for a robust and meaningful student learning experience.

However, when the Intuitive Editor is used, UbiSim brings the simulation to life in an immersive, engaging, and exciting VR setting in which students can build the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to provide safe, high-quality nursing care.

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Meeting the Cultural Competency Needs in Nursing Education

UbiSim’s sole focus on nursing education allows the Editor to continuously meet the emerging educational needs of the nursing profession. Cultural competency, the ability of healthcare professionals to meet the social and cultural needs of patients from diverse communities and backgrounds, is at the forefront of nursing education. Nursing students need preparation in how to best care for diverse patient populations.

UbiSim VR simulation scenarios feature patients from a multitude of backgrounds. By utilizing the UbiSim platform, students will learn to excel in providing culturally competent nursing care across the lifespan as they progress through every level of their education.

A Variety of Healthcare Settings

The UbiSim Intuitive Editor allows the nurse educator to stage the simulation in a variety of healthcare settings. In addition to a traditional hospital room, UbiSim simulations can occur in an outpatient healthcare facility. A home care environment is under development and will be available soon.

This range of healthcare settings realistically immerses students in situations across the continuum of care. Educators can utilize this functionality of the UbiSim Editor to focus virtual reality simulation scenarios on medically underserved populations in the community.

Preparing Nursing Students for Present and Future Pandemics

The COVID-19 pandemic revolutionized healthcare delivery. More than ever, nursing education must emphasize the need for precautions and infection prevention when caring for patients. The UbiSim Editor features virtual representations of various isolation precautions and personal protective equipment, including isolation gowns, N95 masks, and face shields. This provides an opportunity for students to care for patients with COVID-19 and other disease processes while learning how to prevent the transmission of infections in the healthcare setting.

Complex Patients and Interdisciplinary Collaboration

The U.S. patient population is growing increasingly complex. UbiSim scenarios fully immerse the students in a VR environment where critical thinking can be practiced, demonstrated, and refined. Students in a UbiSim VR scenario assess patients across the lifespan, administer medications, analyze the results of diagnostic tests, and practice therapeutic communication.

The UbiSim multiplayer function provides an opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration by immersing several students in the same simulation scenario. Within a nursing program, students from different levels can collaborate in VR using the multiplayer function to learn delegation and leadership. This helps to build competence and confidence in nursing care, clinical judgment, and teamwork. The ability to utilize scenarios among junior and senior nursing students also capitalizes on the school’s return on investment, as multiple classes can benefit from the same simulation resources. This is an especially important feature of the UbiSim platform, as many nursing schools must be resourceful and choose educational platforms that can be maximized to reach all students within a program.

A Collaborative Future for Nursing Education

Educators share the goal of providing the best learning experiences to future nurses. UbiSim is dedicated to exclusively serving the nurse educator community. Contact UbiSim through the link below for a short demonstration of our Intuitive Editor and discover the world-class UbiSim experience. Jump in and have fun with scenario design!

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