June 5, 2013By Lance Baily

LearningSpace Demonstration from CAE Healthcare

CAE Healthcare LearningSpace Review


Earlier this year I had a chance to videotape a demonstration of LearningSpace, learning management system and audiovisual recording platform from CAE Healthcare. Michelle Castleberry, Director of Business Solutions North America at CAE and LearningSpace guru, was on hand to run through the system and answer my many questions. Watch the video below to learn more…

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Note that this video is longer than my normal videos as there was just so many features to cover! Check out some of the LearningSpace features below:

Capture and Review

  • Record sim training in multiple rooms digital, analog or HD video.
  • Allows for on-the-fly recording and live observation of any room from any computer, even from remote locations.
  • Stream from up to five cameras per room with unlimited camera angle presets.
  • Web-based interface allows viewing of up to 25 rooms on one screen.


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  • Track standardized patient hours
  • Track the use of your simulators, cameras, rooms and selected assets
  • Allocate time spent by user, department or organization
  • Display resource usage by event, client or time period
  • Search by keyword, video recording, date or by client
  • Create custom reports with outputs to PDF, XLS, HTML formats and more

learningspace review

Debrief and Assess

  • For review, integrates simulator data with a live feed from patient monitors.
  • Advanced search capability saves all recordings and enables instructors edit and reload videos.
  • Offers more than 25 reports for faculty and learners.

Manage and Control

  • Easy-to-navigate dashboard, instructors can view all the upcoming events, data and reports on the homepage.
  • Intelligent, flexible scheduling and case management tools save time.
  • All report data is exportable.
  • Offers the highest level of data security with customizable user settings.

I also just received an email from CAE Healthcare about ‘Resource Manager’, a new feature included in the newest release of LearningSpace, which is a comprehensive tracking and reporting tool for simulation center managers. With this tool you can:

-Track standardized patient hours, the use of your simulators, cameras, rooms and selected assets
-Allocate time spent by user, department or organization
-Display resource usage by event, client or time period
-Search by keyword, video recording, date or by client, create custom reports with outputs to pdf, xls, html formats and more

Learn more about Resource Manager by watching the new CAE Healthcare video here, and more about LearningSpace here!

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