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Latest Clinical Simulation News From Around the World | March 2022

Helping healthcare simulation educators, administrators, and learners to stay up-to-date on industry topics, finds and shares relevant news and information from around the world. This news includes medical simulation innovations, center development, products, vendor information, research, and more. Together, these industry updates help paint pictures of where the healthcare simulation industry is presently, and where the industry is headed as the scope of clinical simulation practice expands. Below are some of the world’s latest clinical simulation updates as of March 2022, including medical simulation training exercises, healthcare simulation events, and advances across the field of clinical simulation overall.

2022 World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit Approaches

The Patient Safety Movement Foundation will host the virtual World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit (WPSSTS) from April 29th through 30th. The event is co-convened by the American Society of Anesthesiologists, the European Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care, and the International Society for Quality in Health Care, and will celebrate the Patient Safety Movement Foundation’s first 10 years of achievements.

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The 2022 WPSSTS will confront leading patient safety issues with actionable ideas and innovations to transform the continuum of care by dramatically improving patient safety and eliminating preventable patient harm and death. The WPSSTS will also feature keynote addresses from public figures, patient safety experts. Confirmed speakers include:

  • Arjun Srinivasan, MD, Associate Director for Healthcare-Associated Prevention Programs, Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CAPT USPHS
  • Robin Betts, RN, CPHQ, MBA-HA, Vice-Chair, Patient Safety Movement Foundation (2021-2025), Vice President, Safety, Quality & Regulatory Services, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Health Plan, Kaiser Permanente Northern California
  • Karen Feinstein, Ph.D., MSW, President and Chief Executive Officer of Jewish Healthcare Foundation
  • Gerald B. Hickson, MD, Founding Director of the Vanderbilt Center for Patient and Professional Advocacy

WPSSTS will additionally include plenary sessions with healthcare luminaries, patient advocates, as well as announcements from organizations who have made their own commitments to reach the Patient Safety Movement Foundation’s vision of ZERO preventable harm and death across the globe by 2030. All stakeholders are invited to actively and intimately plan to implement solutions around the leading patient safety challenges that cause preventable patient deaths in hospitals and healthcare organizations worldwide.

IA Governor Kim Reynolds Impressed by All-New CNA VR Training

The Career Academy of Pella (CAP), in partnership with WorkSMART Connector, hosted a public event to launch a high school registered apprenticeship in patient care. Learners enrolled in healthcare education programs, participating employers, public supporters and Iowa’s Governor Kim Reynolds attended the publicized event.

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In addition to launching the apprenticeship, CAP showcased a first-of-its-kind virtual reality Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training solution. Powered by VRSim, Inc., PeriCare, as it is currently known, was introduced as a fully immersive VR training experience. Bridging theory and practice, PeriCare gives users the opportunity to learn patient care in a zero-risk environment.

Grant-funded, CAP piloted PeriCare for CNA students to practice administering incontinent care. The program utilized a premier all-in-one VR headset to complete the training. CAP CNA Instructor Kay Landon confirmed the VR solution has helped tremendously with skills repetition. The solution develops procedural competence in order to better prepare learners for clinical training, where they will be expected to perform the same skills on real patients.

UAMS Simulation Center Trains Air Force Medics

In mid-March, the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences Simulation Education Center helped provide support to U.S. National Guard personnel by providing hands-on training through roleplaying with manikins and standardized patients. According to the university, more than a dozen members of the Air Force National Guard’s 189th Airlift Wing’s Medical Group, stationed at the Little Rock Air Force Base, participated in this training.

“I think simulation training is extremely beneficial,” said Capt. Candice Catlett, BSN. “One of the main reasons I wanted to set something up like this is because of personal experience. When I was deployed, the medics with me had very little hands-on experience with patients.”

The university reports that one scenario explored by the members of the medical group involved a 31-year-old who was injured by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) and lost an arm and a leg. The clinical simulation required that medics recognize the bleeding, use a tourniquet, check vital signs, establish intravenous treatment and resuscitate and stabilize the patient. As these are all actions that are encountered in the field, fully understanding how to respond to such a scenario is imperative.

WBAMC Uses Healthcare Simulation for ATLS, ICTL Training

According to the Defense Visual Information Distribution Service, soldiers from the 745th Forward Resuscitation Surgical Detachment (FRSD) and 214th Surgical Augmentation Detachment (214th Med. Det.) were asked to conduct realistic medical simulation training at William Beaumont Army Medical Center in March 2022. The goal of these medical simulations is to better enable doctors, nurses, and medics in an emergency treatment facility to provide acute care to wounded service members.

During this particular training, units conducted Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) scenarios and Individual Critical Task Lists (ICTL). The training validated operational readiness and provided valuable opportunities for medical staff. Additionally, according to the article, a medical team occupied an emergency treatment section, where the surgeons, nurses, and operating room specialists performed triage, provided advanced trauma life support, and coordinated follow-up care with surgical and intensive care or inpatient services in one of the scenarios.

“Planning and coordinating this event took a lot of manpower and resources but was ultimately a success due to the Simulation Center staff. The team at the simulation center truly facilitated a fantastic training event. The focal point of the training exercise was utilizing the high fidelity surgical manikin in the operating room,” explained said Cpt. Derek Arndt, 745th FRSD commander. “This allowed the surgical team to realistically simulate a true emergent surgical case including pre-operative patient prep, physically performing the surgical intervention with a real-time cut suit and post-operative care,” said Arndt.

Monitor Mimics Immersive 3D Without a VR Headset

As reported by CNET, the Brelyon Ultra Reality monitor projects panoramic and cinema-scale virtual images with added depth to gaming and metaverse experiences. The added depth means that users can learn in and peer inside to view an image that appears to float 5 feet in the distance with a 101-degree field of view, for example.

The company believes that this monitor could be used as an alternative to VR headsets like Meta (formerly Oculus) Quest, according to the report. If this were the case, people could visit or work in the metaverse for longer periods of time without the discomfort of a headset.

The company also says a projected screen of this size would eliminate the need to set up multiple monitors. CNET reports that the Ultra Reality display is already being used for industrial applications, such as teleoperation, control centers, and trading floors. Within the news organization’s article, author Justin Eastzer details his own experience using the Brelyon Ultra Reality display.

Global Surgical Training Institute to Establish U.S. Headquarters in Charlotte

IRCAD, the French-based research and training institute for the world’s finest surgeons, announced in mid-March 2022 that The Pear, Charlotte’s new innovation district,l is the facility’s first choice to establish its exclusive North American headquarters, AtriumHealth reports.. The institute plans to anchor the first research building in the soon-to-be-constructed The Pearl innovation district, along with the forthcoming campus of Wake Forest University School of Medicine – Charlotte. According to the report, the new IRCAD North America headquarters could open as soon as 2025, pending the additional funding being secured.

“When we at Atrium Health launched our vision to build Charlotte’s first innovation district, our goal was to attract leading companies from across the globe with the reputation – and more importantly, the impact – of IRCAD,” said Eugene A. Woods, president, and CEO of Charlotte, North Carolina-based Atrium Health. “We envision IRCAD being a ‘super magnet,’ attracting businesses, physicians, and surgeons to train and collaborate in the latest surgical techniques, including robotics, medical virtual and augmented reality, surgical artificial intelligence, and simulation training.

“We have been looking for the right North American partner for some time,” added Professor Jacques Marescaux (mare-ehs-kó), a surgeon and the president and founder of IRCAD. “We weighed opportunities with some of the most prominent names in academic medicine but, for us, aligning with the rising star of Atrium Health and its renowned clinical excellence is the perfect fit. Having the opportunity to become part of the new innovation district and its proximity to Wake Forest University School of Medicine – Charlotte, in its formative stages, will allow us to grow and excel together as we train the world’s best surgeons with the latest technology, innovations, and techniques.”

Of Course We’re Living in a Simulation

This article, published on, ponders the different theories on the creation of the universe, including time and space. Upon examining different theories, the author notes that the “beginning of time” is comparable to a simulation. For example, Author Jason Kehe writes, “​​Imagine, instead, someone sitting at a desk. First, they boot up their computer. This is the quantum-foam stage, the computer existing in a state of suspended anticipation. Then, our desk person mouses over to a file called, oh I don’t know,, and double-clicks. This is the emergence of the inflaton. It’s the tiny zzzt that launches the program.”

Kehe adds that, in his opinion, the only explanation for life, the universe, and everything that makes any sense, in light of quantum mechanics, in light of observation, in light of light, and something faster than light, is that we’re living inside a supercomputer. “Is that we’re living, all of us, and always, in a simulation.”

“Every so often, when I’m feeling frisky, I go outside and twist up my eyes, just to see if I can catch the quickest glimpse of the pixels making up this pure, planetary simulation we call Earth,” he writes.

UCF Healthcare Simulation Experts Hosted CHSE Blueprint Review Course

An online, one-day course presented by the UCF College of Nursing in collaboration with the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) is designed to help enable learners to gain the confidence and knowledge they need to become a Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator (CHSE). The course helped participants learn the components of the certification process, and focused on exam prerequisites, the application process, and study resources.

Through the course, learners were able able to Identify their healthcare simulation knowledge and practice strengths and weaknesses. (The CHSE exam blueprint was the basis for discussion.) Further, they were able to develop their personal study action plan, while instructors helped them create a step-by-step action plan that included a timeline, study tools and resources, key dates, and more.

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