March 16, 2022By Lance Baily

This Article is Only for Champions Interested in Expanding the Healthcare Simulation Industry

Last year I wrote why healthcare simulation is about to become one of the World’s most important industries, where I argued that we are nearing a tipping point for the advancement of our industry from early-adopter to early-majority. Just barely emerging on the tail end of COVID’s control over the world’s populations, the initial reflections on the impacts this pandemic has had on the clinical simulation industry are already pretty clear. We learned at January’s IMSH PressBox with media sessions like the impacts of COVID on healthcare simulation survey results, which was developed in partnership between the Society for Simulation in Healthcare and, that simulation champions everywhere were reporting that their simulation programs were extremely vital to the continued operational success of countless clinical simulation programs around the world, that institutional faculty and leadership were both paying more attention to the future of our simulation programs, and that hybrid simulation training is here to stay. In 2021, coalitions of healthcare professionals started to call for National Patient Safety Board, which is already an idea shown to have bipartisan support by the U.S. Congress at I/ITSEC last November. COVID was a massive catalyst of expansion and support for healthcare simulation globally, which brought about new investments, partnerships, acquisitions and more. But as we will be exploring at’s upcoming Champions of Simulation Virtual CE/CME Symposium, all that growth pales in comparison of what’s still to come, and now more than ever, it is only a matter of time.

On April 13th, some of the world’s leading medical simulation experts will be joining a global audience for a day of cutting edge presentations, industry changing panel discussions,  and powerful networking opportunities. The Virtual Symposium starts with what I have called “one of the best healthcare simulation presentations I have ever seen” by Dr. Robert Louis, MD, FAANS, Chief of Neurosurgery and Director of Extended Reality (XR), Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute at Hoag Memorial Hospital. Every time I watch this presentation I feel inspired that mass adoption of simulated healthcare is within reach! This one-hour keynote session by Dr. Robert Louis will demonstrate a multitude of ways clinical simulation can improve patient care outcomes while simultaneously increasing institutional revenue. This presentation will demonstrate the importance of simulated medical imaging inpatient care, which cannot be understated. Simulated visualization plays an important role not only as a diagnostic tool but also as a therapeutic and interventional aid. Advances in imaging and medical visualization systems, particularly in the Extended Reality (XR, includes Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality) space, have also revolutionized physician-patient communication as well as medical education and resident training. Dr. Louis will present current problems with traditional imaging systems and describe how advanced medical visualization systems can solve them.

And that focused attention on demonstrating ways healthcare simulation can show real value to institutional leadership doesn’t let up for the rest of the day, with session after session of meaningful presentations designed to help you and your clinical simulation program expand its use of clinical simulation now. For example, leading Global Healthcare Simulation Vendors CAE Healthcare and Education Management Solutions will come together to provide a unique industry reflection on how COVID-19 has guaranteed “Hybrid Learning” is here to stay.

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Next, join simulation experts Dr. Paul Phrampus, WISER Center Director & Medical Director of Patient Safety at UPMC, Dr. KT Waxman, Clinical Professor & Director at UC San Francisco and Co-Founder/Director at the California Simulation Alliance, and Dr. Pam Boyers, Associate Vice Chancellor Clinical Simulation at iEXCEL at the University of Nebraska Medical Center as they answer the question “Is it time the healthcare simulation community called for a National Patient Safety Board?”. This new government agency alone could have massive implications for healthcare simulation, and we will share direct ways you can easily help support it.

Can’t make the event to join us on the day? No matter, register now during early-bird and you can secure discounted access and the CE/CME certificates to the entire event for 3 months past April 13th! Providing 6 CEs and with up to 4 CMEs currently in application, here is a breakdown of what’s to come:

  • Keynote: It Isn’t Brain Surgery: Using Simulation to Improve Patient Conversion, Understanding, Outcomes, and Satisfaction (CE) / (CME)
  • Industry Perspectives Panel Discussion: Insights from Leading Global Vendors
  • How Do You Eliminate Instructor Shortages In Ultrasound Education?
  • Breaking Down Digital Barriers: Virtual Debriefing for the Masses (CE) / (CME in Application)
  • Benchmarking, Metrics and Data: Why It Matters for Healthcare Simulation (CE) / (CME in Application)
  • Discussion Panel: Is It Time for the Healthcare Simulation Industry to Call for a National Patient Safety Board?
  • Using Medical Simulation to Intentionally Probe Healthcare Systems: What’s It All About? (CE) / (CME in Application)
  • Creating A Simulation Center Costing Model, Can You Afford Not To?
  • What’s Happening In Interprofessional Clinical Simulation? (CE)
  • Strategies to Promote Health Equity and Address Implicit Biases in Healthcare Simulation (CE)
  • What’s Happening In Interprofessional Clinical Simulation? (CE)
  • Non-Profits Supporting Patient Safety & Non-Profits Supporting Clinical Simulation

What’s missing from the above list is the most recently added “Special Session for Those Who Want to Expand the Healthcare Simulation Industry” at 11AM PDT, where I will be making the case for an incredible opportunity which exists before the global champion community now more than ever before! In essence, this presentation will provide participants the opportunity to reflect on the current “state of the union” of healthcare simulation, and point directly to ways that will enable us to help lift clinical simulation up to its highest levels of utilization across the world’s healthcare yet. We will share the unique perspective of, which has a mission to share the best healthcare simulation resources globally, on the steps we can collectively take to make it so.

Those interested in seeing the healthcare simulation expand rapidly should certainly participate! Join us live or watch the recordings — but hurry — discounted pricing ends soon…

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