January 16, 2022By Lance Baily

Echo Healthcare Releases World’s First Medical Simulation Tech Support Mobile App

Today, Echo Healthcare Inc. has once again advanced the landscape of medical simulation by launching the industry’s first service and support mobile application. The Master Level Service Agreement (MeLiSA) app provides users with immediate access to the revolutionary MeLiSA program. This is an important milestone for healthcare simulation as many other industries have fully adopted mobile phone technical support tools to the benefit of customers and service providers alike! The power lies in the app’s ability to quickly bring an advanced technical support person “on scene” even though they are thousands of miles away.

“Immediate connectivity and live technical response time have never been done before in our industry. The MeLiSA mobile app was created to streamline the service and support needs of medical simulationists around the world. It also gives our clients instantaneous access to our Emergency Simulator Network via chat, video call, or phone call. Providing simplicity and efficiency of support during a stressful time is the key foundation of the MeLiSA app,” said Peter Ford, Director of Technology at Echo Healthcare.

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Introducing MeLiSA App from Penni Eggers on Vimeo.

MeLiSA is the leading service provider in the medical simulation industry. Every day, simulation labs around the world rely on the MeLiSA advantage to stabilize maintenance costs, provide unparalleled support, decrease simulator downtime, and improve operations.

“When we created MeLiSA, we were focused on fulfilling a need in the industry. We wanted to make it simple, quick, and cost-effective to receive support for any simulators on the market. As we are always finding new ways to innovate and improve the industry, we began focusing on simplifying simulator support and service even further. From that the MeLiSA app was created, providing even better support and enhanced features. We are looking forward to helping even more simulation centers with this industry-leading app,” said Kevin King, CEO of Echo Healthcare.

Echo Healthcare’s independence has helped make the company a credible healthcare simulation maintenance program available in the industry. The MeLiSA team is composed of highly skilled ESR’s (Emergency Simulator Responders) with a broad technical skillset. Unlike other service and support programs, Echo Healthcare’s loyalties are to customers. The company acts as an advocate with simulator manufacturers, and the goal is to keep customers’ clinical simulation programs operational.

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Feedback from MeLiSA Adopter

“As the Simulation Centre Manager at the University of Calgary, Faculty of Nursing, I manage 14,000 sure feet of simulation labs and suites, in a multi-vendor environment and with a high volume of demand from our students and faculty. Usage continues to form over the years,” said Jeff Dawes, Clinical Simulation Learning Centre Manager, Faculty of Nursing at University of Calgary

He explained that recently his staff’s experienced and highly trained tech support left for another organization and this meant they needed to backfill a high demand, low supply function/role. This was not easy and expensive. Dawes added that his team looked at other options like re-upping service agreements with the OEMs – which was not always possible and often highly expensive. Yet, this is when he first began talking to the team at Echo Healthcare about the new MeLiSA offer. Here’s what the University of Calgary nursing staff wanted in the service:

  • Less expensive and more efficient delivery of tech support
  • Multi-platform, multi-vendor support
  • One-stop shop to simplify service and reduce costs
  • Add in Preventive Maintenance and Training
  • Option for on-site visits/repairs

University of Calgary’s nursing program also wanted one more strategic option, to use the data captured by Echo Healthcare’s service calls to better inform the Capital/Life Cycle Plan. Making informed capital decisions is crucial in the healthcare simulation world, and is so often neglected or misunderstood – but can make or break your program.

In conclusion, the University of Calgary has been utilizing MeLiSA for several months now and all 42 of Echo Healthcare’s simulators and the service have exceeded my expectations. The MeLiSA service delivers tech support in a very timely, knowledgeable, and professional way.

“They really are a great team to work with. My staff are noticeably less stressed and the faculty are happier because their simulations run smoothly… and I save costs, increase service and get to a more strategic business level,” Dawes said.

About Echo Healthcare

Founded in 2018, Echo Healthcare is a premier healthcare simulation company with the mission of saving lives and improving patient outcomes through simulation, education, and innovation. Echo Healthcare is focused on providing the most realistic and immersive clinical simulation products in the world. Comprising over 40 years of combined medical education and medsimulation experience, the professionals at Echo Healthcare are committed to delivering the very best service to their end-users.

The company is well-versed in the majority of the medical simulator (manikin) operating systems, including both hardware and software. Echo Healthcare’s goal is to eliminate downtime and keep clinical simulators in operational condition. Echo Healthcare understands the impossibility of anticipating every issue that arises with your technology. The company’s aim is to provide end-to-end coverage that stabilizes annual capital equipment maintenance costs and provides unparalleled expert service.

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