December 14, 2021By Lance Baily

MEDIASHAREiQ Platform Helps Smooth Transition to Clinical Simulation Hybrid Learning

With more than 70,000 high-impact healthcare simulation video experiences delivered since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Education Management Solutions and the company’s MEDIASHAREiQ platform are positioned to help smooth the transition to hybrid learning. MEDIASHAREiQ is a video content management and recording system designed for higher education institutions and large-to-mid-sized corporate organizations that wish to provide more immersive, engaging, and communications experiences for their learners and staff. The adaptive video education software broadcasts live classes, records lectures, manages videos and assignments, and archives media assets for asynchronous learning — for a full LMS-integrated experience.

According to EMS, with the MEDIASHAREiQ platform, clinical simulation educators can “bring certainty to the uncertainty that lies ahead” with such a highly-versatile video-based online learning software and course management solution. The platform’s enhanced flexibility, scalability, and ease of use further allow clinical simulation educators to comprehensively shift classroom education and course flows to the cloud.

HD-quality mobile course capture, video playback, and live streaming provide educators with the ability to establish a standardized experience that improves engagement – even when they’re training remotely – and ensures all learners can participate in lectures, meetings, and events. Another MEDIASHAREiQ feature is that educators can link integrated quizzes and polls back to course content and bookmarks, while automatically tracking quiz and performance scores for individual learners, courses, and classes.

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Customizable analytics detail learner engagement, viewing habits, usage, and costs, while interactive quizzes and surveys track and sync learner performance scores back to integrated LMS assessment systems. To continue utilizing existing resources, users can connect an existing learning management system (LMS) with MEDIASHAREiQ, leveraging LTI standards. MEDIASHAREiQ can integrate with virtually any LMS software on the market, including Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, Brightspace, Sakai, etc.

MEDIASHAREiQ Hyflex Option: MEDIASHAREiQ’s Hyflex option comes with an optional base-hardware package that includes an advanced Ultra HD PTZ camera, two front-of-room speakers, two mic pods, a table hub, display hub, and remote control. Additional options include mounting kits, cameras, microphones, classroom PCs, and display monitors.

MEDIASHAREiQ Business and University Use

Other uses of the all-in-one video and course management are designed to help universities and businesses remove technical barriers for IT administrators. This platform acts as a means to streamline ease of use for faculty and trainers and strengthen corporate training and communications. MEDIASHAREiQ’s intuitive enterprise video content management interface lets these companies and institutions expand the knowledge base of all employees using video capture systems while remaining both cost-efficient and user-friendly.

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Employers are able to make use of the powerful content management technology to complete customer onboarding and provide updates on the latest product features and functionality. The platform can also assist them to educate and train, and regularly engage for better retention and more frequent upsells. Ultimately, MEDIASHAREiQ makes scaling training and saving costs without compromising quality possible.

While most event capture and conferencing apps require participants to install specialized software to view live video content, videos streamed via MEDIASHAREiQ are accessible with any internet-connected device. Employers can count on MEDIASHAREiQ for secure, stable broadcasts shared with any audience, no matter the size.

Note, the MEDIASHAREiQ video learning platform is up to code in terms of 508 compliance. 508 compliance refers to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act (RHA) of 1973, a federal law that was one of the first legislation of its kind to address equal access for individuals with disabilities. While sometimes overshadowed by the landmark civil rights act, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 still addresses significant issues for individuals with disabilities in their pursuit of equal rights in the workplace.

While developing MEDIASHAREiQ, EMS rigorously tested each page and module of the video enterprise video platform against the Federal Government’s Section 508 checklist using the agency’s provided auditing tools to ensure compliance. During EMS’ comprehensive review, the company paid particular attention to captioning, interactivity, images, and navigation elements among a wide array of other software elements on the platform to make sure they conformed to Level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Education Management Solutions is committed to making sure all company products are accessible to all faculty, administrators, and learners. The company works to not only make MEDIASHAREiQ a best-in-class enterprise video platform but to make sure anyone who wants to learn has the same tools available to them as everyone else.

More About Education Management Solutions

Education Management Solutions (EMS) and their brand SimulationIQ is a leading healthcare simulation company that provides audiovisual recording debriefing systems, learning management systems, A/V design consulting, online learning systems, counseling training systems, virtual patient simulations, as well ROI and competency-based evaluation systems.

Founded in 1994, the mission of EMS has always been to provide a safe environment for healthcare professionals to develop patient safety skills. They feel strongly that their state-of-the-art technology makes simulation training even easier, from automated training sessions to feature-rich, interactive tools in the simulation classroom and mobile solutions for in-situ training environments. The EMS goal is to bring educators the best collaborative innovation the industry has to offer – as “innovation has been written into our DNA for over 20 years!”

Education Management Solutions (EMS), a Minority and Woman-owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE), is an industry pioneer in simulation-based solutions for healthcare training environments – ranging from clinical simulation management software and hardware to counselor education and virtual interactive computer-based training tools. Working alongside subject matter experts, they serve as the driving force behind numerous consumer-centered innovations that continue to move the clinical simulation market forward with breakthrough technologies.

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