April 9, 2013By Lance Baily

CBS News Covers Medical Simulation @CAMLS & @UO

university oklahoma simulation center

This week CBS news was reported from the University of Oklahoma’s Clinical Skills Education and Testing Center and the University of Florida’s Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation (CAMLS) about the progress of medical simulation within the healthcare education and training sector.  Congratulations and kudos to these two programs for bringing international attention to healthcare simulation and their programs!

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The CBS News article shares that “The whole purpose of medical simulation, beyond just better education, is really patient safety and the quality of care,” he said. “Just imagine the difference if you’ve practiced it on one of these models or mannequins five, six, a dozen times before you have to do it in a real situation. Your skill level is better. Your anxiety is lower.’

Unfortunately, says Stephen Klasko, dean of the med school at the University of South Florida, “Too much medical education is, ‘Let me have you read the book. Let me make sure you understand it,’ and then when we put you in a clinical environment, to take what was in that book and do it on a patient.”

The university owns the biggest simulation center in the country. Klasko says that simulations may actually reduce the cost of health care, because it can reduce lawsuits.

“We can’t transform the whole health care system and reduce readmissions and create better quality and have less mistakes, without the ability — like the airline industry taught us — to simulate those models, not just technically but also from a teamwork perspective.” said Klasko.”

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Be sure to read the full CBS Medical Simulation News Article to learn more about the benefits of healthcare simulation.

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