February 25, 2013By Lance Baily

American College of Chest Physicians To Provide Airway Management Scenario Modules

Airway Management Scenarios

Launching through both the CAE Healthcare website and the Laerdal SimStore, The ACCP’s Airway Management Module Scenario Packages will be available starting June of 2013.  At IMSH I had a chance to talk with Chad Jackson, MS, RRT, CHT, CCMEP, Director of ACCP’s Clinical Simulation and Innovation Program about these new simulation modules.  Watch the interview below to learn more:

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What we know so far:

  • Designed by ACCP faculty from real patient engagements
  • 16 Airway Management Scenarios to be made available for purchase
  • Pre-programmed in either CAE Healthcare or Laerdal software
  • Comes with reference manual to guide facilitators and technicians through the staging and learning process.

Stay tuned to the American College of Chest Physicians website for more information and in the mean time, check out their simulation training program and airway management courses 

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