July 29, 2012By Lance Baily

TOM Man – Tactical Operations Medical Manikin Review

Techline Technologies and Innovative Tactical Technology Solutions have combined forces to bring you TOM Man, the Tactical Operations Medical Manikin. Just recently I had the opportunity to review the TOM Man in the 106 degree Las Vegas desert heat with David Parry Jr. from Techline Technologies. If you are running medical simulation for a military or trauma-based EMS/Fire Department program you need to immediately watch this TOM Man video review and learn more about one of the most rugged and affordable manikins I have ever seen:

The Tactical Operations Medical Manikin was designed by TSgt. Keary Miller, an Air Force PJ (Pararescue man) who won the Silver Star for his bravery at the Battle of Takur Ghar in Afghanistan. Although the 2002 Takur Ghar engagement has been labeled “the deadliest day of combat for an American unit since 18 Rangers and Special Operations soldiers died in Mogadishu, Somalia, in 1993”, Miller was able to save the lives of 10 gravely wounded men. TOM Man, therefore, was designed and built by someone with the direct experience necessary to help train others in the life saving techniques required in chaotic austere environments.

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Miller approached Techline Technology, world-famous for their trauma-based moulage wounds with a prototype that was so impressive that the company immediately started developing the TOM Man. Click the link below to read more…

Tactical Operations Manikin

TOM Man Manikin

TOM Man includes these features:

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  • Durability – Can withstand drops, falls, and drags due to Sturdy Metal Frame (which weighs a realistic 130-150lbs).
  • Efficiency – Quick replacement of moulage (casted) extremities for flexibility
  • Realism –
      • Remote (FOB) control allows instructor to add surprise element (talking, breathing and bleeding)
      • Breath sounds (includes sucking chest wound) and respiratory distress
      • Breath improves in Recovery position and can be felt on exhale
      • Numerous Trauma-based wound application (utilizing Techline Technologies trauma wound catalog)
      • Massive Bleeding
      • Small Bleeding
      • Evisceration with packing
      • Needle Decompression Insertion
      • Realistic Tourniquet Application
      • Wound Packing
      • Surgical Airway
      • NPA Airway insertion
      • Hyper-Realistic Skin that can be punctured hundreds of times.
  • Affordability – Designed for low budget units who need to train for specific trauma-based scenarios.
  • Customization – Get the trauma wounds you need specifically installed on your manikins.
The best part about TOM Man though, besides the small price-tag, is the tough skin and steel frame of this trauma-based simulation manikin. Parachute TOM from a plane, throw him down the stairs, or pin him in-between concrete rubble and he still keeps working just fine.
TOM Manikin
In my opinion, TOM is one of the only manikins on the market that can do really rough simulation experiences. If you are looking for realistic military or trauma-based simulation scenarios which need to create intensive situations in chaotic environments, then TOM Man is worth a serious look. Learn more at http://www.tommanikin.com, and be sure tell them HealthySimulation.com sent you!

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