September 19, 2011By Lance Baily

Tactical Operations Manikin (TOM)

Recently Techline Technologies reached out to me to share information about their Tactical Operations Manikin, or T.O.M. Man.

While TOM is not a high-fidelty manikin, he certainly helps increase realism to cost-effective educational trauma scenarios.

Tactical Operations Manikin

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“Immersive In-field Training Equipment (ITTS) has teamed with TechLine to produce a durable, ruggedized patient care simulator made to withstand harsh treatment during tactical trauma training. The unit is designed to move like a human, with multiple movements in the spine, shoulder, pelvic area, elbow and knees. The manikin simulates massive bleeding, and breathing can be controlled by recovery position for Care Under Fire. The manikin contains several areas of massive and minor bleeding throughout the main arteries and face. These “live responses” are managed via a single controller that provides a number of features to support TAC Med and TCCC training.”

Product Features:

  • Remote (FOB) control allows instructor to add surprise element (talking, breathing and bleeding)
  • Breath sounds (includes sucking chest wound) and respiratory distress
  • Breaths improve in Recovery position
  • Massive Bleeding
  • Small Bleeding
  • Evisceration with packing
  • Needle Decompression
  • Tourniquet
  • Wound Packing
  • Surgical Airway
  • NPA

Tactical Medicine

You can even customize your T.O.M. order to have specific types of injuries.

Learn more about T.O.M. Man on the ITTS & Techline Website.

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