April 26, 2019By Lance Baily

Enduvo Allows Simulation Educators to Build Virtual Courses in VR

Continuing our coverage of the IMSH 2019 exhibit hall, today we take a closer look at Enduvo with an exclusive interview with Paul Pribaz, formerly of OSF Healthcare, who is heading up business development for the company. VR certainly holds a key place in the future of medical simulation education, and being able to build VR content easily and even through VR is a crucial component to encourage technological adoption of these innovative systems. Watch the video below to learn more!

Until now, creating VR and AR content required a software engineer and was a daunting and expensive process. With Enduvo’s content authoring tools, anyone can create, teach, and learn in VR/AR without coding knowledge or a large budget.

Enduvo is the immersive, content authoring and delivery platform that removes the complexity, inflexibility, and high cost associated with creating virtual and augmented reality content.

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With Enduvo, create and share virtual and augmented reality content in minutes, without any technical training. If you use social media or a digital photo service you can use Enduvo – it really is that easy.

Teach: Import images, videos and 3D models, jump into the VR environment and start teaching.

Share: Share real-world, 3D training and education experiences – complete with task-based assessments.

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Learn: Boost learning outcomes and effectiveness with a personal, immersive real-world experience.

Students get a one-on-one, real-world 3D learning experience, directly from the expert resulting in better outcomes, higher recall, and longer retention. Using their straightforward, intuitive interface, anyone can deliver visually stunning, immersive and interactive training and education experiences. Simply import images, videos and 3D models, jump into VR and begin teaching.

The company is working in collaboration with OSF Healthcare, Jump Simulation, HP, Vive, Dell, and Intel, among others. The system works for healthcare by enabling practitioners to educate patients about upcoming procedures, as well as allow providers to improve the accuracy of their diagnoses without invasive procedures or surgery.

Learn more at Enduvo’s Website Today!

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