December 1, 2017By Lance Baily

Medical Realities Platform Delivers High-Quality Surgical Training Using Virtual Reality

VR is here to stay for medical training, with it only being a matter of time before total adoption occurs within universities, hospitals, and other healthcare programs worldwide. When produced with quality, there will be no simulated experience quite like putting on the eyes of someone else and learning from their direct actions — and all from the 1st person perspective. Medical Realities, a UK based company, is one of the groups leading this charge.

The Medical Realities Platform delivers high-quality surgical training using Virtual Reality. Become immersed while world-class surgeons teach in our interactive modules. Medical Realities is supported by industry partners to ensure our modules are curriculum-led and of exceptional quality.

Their company mission is to solve big problems in surgical training using immersive technology. The Medical Realities team brings together innovative technologists and world class health care professionals. They have an exceptional team of doctors, educators, software engineers, designers, and videographers.

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4K 360° VIDEO

They film using a high-end 360° camera system which captures the entire operating theatre. You are positioned right next to the surgical team as they operate. The 360° video lets you look around to see how everyone interacts and get a sense of the dynamics in the operating theatre. The core 360° video is augmented with additional camera feeds. Depending on the procedure, this can include laparoscopic or microscope feeds, and a 3D close-up feed of the area that is being operated on . These are all presented in an intuitive interface.


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Medical Realities understands how important it is for surgical trainees to understand the anatomy of a given operation; that’s why we have created VR Anatomy. Our platform lets you explore in detail, the anatomy required for each module. You can toggle back and forth between the 360° video and the anatomy at any point, in order to get a better understanding of each procedure.


MR includes a question bank for each module which is written by teaching consultants. The platform allows you to both take a self-assessment before you start a new module, as well as an exam after completion, in order to test how well you’ve assimilated the teaching materials.

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