October 18, 2011By Lance Baily

Magic In Teaching Day 1 Update

Today I was able to attend CINHC’s “Magic in Teaching” conference in San Diego.  CINHC has combined the annual southern and northern events into one meeting which migrates between the North and South every other year.  Here are some great notes I learned from today’s meeting:

Nigel Chong Lance Baily Glen Williams

Nigel Chong BN, RN, CNC from Australia’s University of Tasmania (seen above with Glen Williams) provided the MIT keynote “Learning to Rescue: teaching to the Individuals Reality”:

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  • Develop to meet the need of the participant but also for  the needs of a diverse range of users with a multidisciplinary and inter-professional approach.
  • Have classroom tables in the same room as the ward so you can quickly transfer theory into practice.
  • Have a simulation interest group with personnel from local institutions to develop the field in your community.
  • Connect an emotional feeling with your students during their practice to provide them with lasting clinical memory!  Evoking feeling in your learners connects a physical, emotional response with the knowledge they are consuming.

Angela Williams MSN, RN and her team from the Charles Drew University Mervyn M. Dymally School of Nursing presented on their inter-professional simulation program with the School of Medicine:

  • Provide standardized training as much as possible with faculty new to simulation.
  • Clearly define and require faculty to maintain their roles throughout the simulation experience.
  • Consider all data collection needs before beginning operations as once the current phase of the program is launched it is difficult to backtrack.  Minimally provide pre and post surveys.
  • Keep the groups as small as possible to maximize learning opportunities.
  • Have faculty from all included professions present during the simulation experiences, to address questions and concerns from different disciplines.
  • Request additional educators so that the coordinator of the simulation experiences can be free to keep operations moving if their are immediate needs outside of the current learning environment (ie last minute questions that occurred when prepping the simulator for the next scenario).

Magic in Teaching continues tomorrow but unfortunately I have to head back to Las Vegas.  Learn more about “Magic In Teaching” at CINHC’s website.

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