May 29, 2015

SIM-one Promotes #IntegrateSIM Twitter Competition To Showcase Simulation Program Improvements

Timothy Willett MD, MMeD, (@SIMtim_one) Director of Research & Development at the SIM-one Ontario Simulation Network wrote in today to share about “a twitter competition to learn how simulationists are moving beyond simply adopting/adding sim to meaningfully and deliberately integrating it into curricula and safety/QI processes.”

How do you #IntegrateSIM?

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April 8, 2014

Short Video: Resident Education in Ultrasound Using Simulation and Social Media

Earlier this month Dr. Jason Nomura posted a fast-paced 15-minute review of resident education in ultrasound training using simulation and social media on youtube. I have previously written about how social media has been effective in a nursing school, so I was eager to learn how it could play a part in resident [...]

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