June 23, 2014By Lance Baily

Worldpoint Offers Free Medical Simulation Consulting


I was recently forwarded an email from a sim champ who received an offer to help from Christin Coffee, Clinical Simulation Consultant at Worldpoint, a company which provides a dynamic range of training products from a variety of manufacturers. Worldpoint is one of three Silver Sponsors to this year’s SimGHOSTS 2014 USA Simulation Technology training event.

What I appreciated most was Christin’s offer to bring equipment to sim programs and let them use it for training, just so they could see if they liked it! I wanted to extend Christin’s offer to the HealthySim community and so she wrote this letter to you!

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You can learn more about Worldpoint on their website!

Hi HealthySim readers-

My name is Christin Coffey and I am a Clinical Simulation Consultant with Worldpoint. If you are not already familiar, WorldPoint is a leading distributor of healthcare training products for over 25 manufacturers. My role at WorldPoint is to work with clients to find the most appropriate healthcare training tools to meet their educational and training objectives using the wide variety of simulation products that we carry. WorldPoint’s Clinical Simulation Consultants offer a unique ability to present a wide selection of simulation solutions based on specific educational targets; such as: advanced life support, trauma, obstetrics, geriatric, pediatric, surgical, assessment, recognition, debriefing and CPR. Our Clinical Simulation Specialists also present solutions based on your preference, budgetary guidelines, technique and specific training goals.

Our consultative approach is focused on providing a comprehensive package to best suit your training needs. We will help you achieve your goal of realistic training, resulting in enhanced learning and improved patient care and outcomes. Allow our knowledgeable team to assist your efforts in creating the best training environment. WorldPoint’s consultants are always available to help research the simulation product market and provide answers to your questions. We are also available for onsite and web demonstrations. Simulation training has become a critical piece of healthcare education, so please feel free to contact us to learn how WorldPoint can help you meet your educational and training goals. We look forward to working with you!

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-Christin Coffey
Simulation Consultant at WorldPoint

To get in touch with your Clinical Simulation Consultant please email me at: [email protected]

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