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Consider Medical Shipment for Your Nursing Simulation Supplies in 2024

For educators to run medical simulation scenarios worldwide effectively, they must be able to locate and ascertain the necessary healthcare simulation-based products and resources. In response, the company Medical Shipment emphasizes providing these medical supplies and premium equipment to help support the future of medicine. Medical Shipment is a leading provider of simulation programs requiring BD Alaris Infusion Pumps, BD Pyxis Medication Dispensing System, and customizable nursing kits. The Medical Shipment team shared with the HealthySimulation.com team the pride they take in providing some of the most advanced products and top-performing customer service in the medical supply industry. Medical Shipment looks forward to providing simulation champions with more information on innovative products that will maximize efficiency throughout clinics nationwide. This HealthySimulation.com article will discuss the products supplied by Medical Shipment.

A Message from Medical Shipment Founder and CEO – Dan Micic

“Medical Shipment started with an ambitious idea to revolutionize the healthcare industry! The guidance and insight from nurse educators opened my eyes to the world of nursing education. I immediately connected to the value of supplying medical students and healthcare professionals with premium equipment to aid the future of medicine. Over the past 11 years, Medical Shipment has actively prioritized customer service and satisfaction above all, and our growth as a company is only a reflection of our dedication.”

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“Nurses play a vital role in the future of all our lives, and their dedication and hard work is inspiring. By offering state-of-the-art tools, product insight, and time-saving shopping, Medical Shipment enables future nurses to focus on their education with the tools they need to succeed.”

Alaris Infusion System Devices

IV medication preparation and administration skills require a higher level of critical thinking. The most common IV administration errors include the wrong rate, medication dose miscalculation, and solvents or medications incompatibility. These skills and critical thinking are taught in nursing school. However, some nursing programs use IV pumps that are decommissioned, old, or static images of an IV pump. These pumps, or lack thereof, may be unable to calculate the dosage of IV continuous infusion medications or bolus for safe patient care. Older IV pumps may not have a current list of medications and dosages or do not have the capability to calculate the medication dosage and rates. This is why Alaris IV Pumps distributed by Medical Shipment can solve this problem.

Alaris is an all-in-one solution that provides everything needed to collect, interpret, and respond to IV medication data captured at the point of care. You can quickly download data for rapid cycle improvement using wireless data set transfer and Guardrails suite MX software alerts. Alaris infusion systems work independently and together to deliver infusions accurately while helping protect each patient. The hospital’s latest drug and IV therapy delivery parameters can be uploaded just as easily, helping to ensure clinicians always have the most up-to-date drug library. A combination of hardware and software solutions, the Alaris Systems Include:

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  • The BD Alaris Pump Module continuously or intermittently
  • The Alaris Syringe Module supports the BD Alaris PC Unit
  • The Alaris PCA Module provides syringe-based PCA functionality
  • The Alaris Auto-ID Module provides flexible barcoding
  • The Alaris EtCO2 Module provides continuous end-tidal respiratory monitoring
  • The BD Alaris PC Unit provides a modular platform you can build on to customize infusion

Customizing a Nursing Kit

When nursing simulation educators pursue acquiring a Nursing Kit from Medical Shipment, the catalog will prompt them to complete three steps. The first step is to select their bag, choose kit contents, and then send Medical Shipment their finalized list of desired products. Overall, the Nursing Kit Catalog was created with guidance and insight from nurse educators, who relayed what they look for when selecting state-of-the-art tools and how time-saving shopping could better assist them.

To support nursing learners and educators specifically, the company recently released a new Nursing Kit Catalog containing an extensive range of products and services in the Medical Shipment’s Nursing Kit Catalog. To ensure customers can find products that fit the needs of their educational and medical programs, Medical Shipment’s supply experts remain available to provide personalized services and ensure customer satisfaction. Medical Shipment extends a minimum one-year warranty on all equipment to guarantee successful use and better learning outcomes. Some of the items that can be used in the nursing kit bags or the simulation center are:

  • Nursing Kit Bags – Customized to Your Need
  • Accessories
  • Diagnostics: Stethoscopes and Sphygmomanometers
  • Gloves
  • Infusion Pumps and Supplies
  • Patient Care Items
  • Respiratory Equipment
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Syringes and Needles
  • Practice Meds

View the LEARN CE/CME Platform Webinar View the LEARN CE/CME Platform Webinar Increasing Healthcare Education Program Efficiency with Customized Clinical Student Kits to learn more!

Pyxis Medication Dispensing System

The Pyxis Enterprise Server (ES) platform supplied by Medical Shipment provides healthcare simulation environments with realistic equipment that is imperative for nursing students to learn the psychomotor skill of medication administration. The Pyxis ES platform from CareFusion is designed to address the healthcare landscape transformation and usher in a new generation of Pyxis solutions. The cornerstone of the new platform is the Pyxis MedStation ES system, which allows nursing students to practice strategies to prevent medication errors and use the best evidence-based practices.

The Pyxis ES platform leverages centralized configuration efforts across the health system for the nursing student to learn to function in actual patient care environments. The Pyxis ES facilitates selected regulatory compliance and enables meaningful healthcare information technology integration. These are some of The Essentials: Core Competencies for Professional Nursing Education by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN). With the incorporation of Pyxis ES in nursing programs, nursing students learn using the same equipment utilized in many clinical practice institutions.


More About Medical Shipment

Medical Shipment was founded in 2007 by Dan Micic, who was still attending Harper College when he first launched the company. What started over 10 years ago with a shipment of 90 cases of gloves to Medline has quickly become a multimillion-dollar annual business named on the Inc 5000 list for multiple years in a row. Starting with a focus on Nursing, Medical Shipment now provides medical supplies, specialized instructional medical devices, and simulation-based products and services to healthcare educational institutions worldwide. Here, Medical Shipment takes a deeper dive into the company, its product portfolio, and the latest medical simulation industry updates!

MedicalShipment.com is regarded as one of the growing leaders in the medical supply industry. The company has flourished in the past decade due to its dedication to customer service and founder Dan Micic’s drive to improve the industry. Primarily serving colleges, universities, and hospital clients across the country, Medical Shipment plans to continue its recent expansion overseas and establish a significant presence in Europe within the next few years.

Medical Shipment is a premium supplier of simulation nursing supplies and equipment. Their goal is to ensure the products provided fit the needs of healthcare educational programs at a competitive rate, with customer service at the core of their values. Medical Shipment carries an extensive range of products and services, including medication administration training devices, patient simulators, IV Pumps, medical supplies, and more. The Medical Shipment catalog, among other products, includes Manikins, Monitors, Medical Supplies, Labels, Gloves, Med Admin Carts, IV Diagnostic systems, simulated patient medications, and more.

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