December 13, 2023By Teresa Gore

Medical Shipment Distributes BD Alaris IV Pumps to Nursing Simulation Community

Medical Shipment is a leading provider for simulation programs requiring BD Alaris Infusion Pumps and BD Pyxis Medication Dispensing System. The Medical Shipment team shared with the team the pride taken to provide some of the most advanced products and top performing customer service in the medical supply industry. Medical Shipment looks forward to providing simulation champions with more information on innovative products that will maximize efficiency throughout clinics nationwide. This article will discuss the BD Alaris Infusion System devices supplied by Medical Shipment.

Why is IV Medication Administration and Use of IV Pump Important in Nursing Education?

In 2020 a systematic review of IV medication errors was conducted in the UK finding an average of 101 IV medication errors per 1000 administrations. This is a 10.1% error rate which is unacceptable. IV medication administration errors have the highest potential for complications due to absorption directly into the bloodstream. IV medication errors lead to increased costs and longer hospitalizations and can increase morbidity and mortality. These complications include cardiovascular and pulmonary alterations and anaphylaxis.

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The skills of IV medication preparation and administration require a higher level of critical thinking. The most common IV administration errors include the wrong rate, miscalculation of medication dose, and incompatibility of solvents or medications. A systematic review found around the safe use of high concentrations or high-risk medication, drug calculations, and double-check verifications. IV pumps are involved in about 40% in IV medication errors.

IV medication dose errors in medication administration is one of many components leading to the high error rate for IV medications. The leading causes of these errors were failure to reprogram the pump when starting a replacement infusion, wrong infusion rate due to program calculation error, and programming pump variable error (bolus, timed infusion, etc.).

Intravenous medication administration is a multi-step process that involves specific administration devices, information systems and many healthcare professionals with different work tasks and skills. Systematic safety measures are imperative as a defense to help prevent IV medication administration errors. Some systemic errors include mistakes between similar drug names, lack of medication processes such as smart infusion pumps, and psychomotor skills related to drug calculation and IV pump programming.

These skills and critical thinking are taught in nursing school. However, some nursing programs use IV pumps that are decommissioned, old, or static images of an IV pump. These pumps or lack thereof, may not have the ability to calculate the dosage of IV continuous infusion medications or bolus for safe patient care. Older IV pumps may not have a current list of medications and dosages or do not have the capability to calculate the medication dosage and rates. This is why Alaris IV Pumps can be a solution to this problem.

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Alaris Infusion System Devices

Alaris infusion systems work independently and together to accurately deliver infusions while helping protect each patient. With large volume pump (LVP), syringe and PCA modalities on one platform, the systems help you streamline workflow and manage infusion data across all care areas. Alaris infusion system is exceptional versatile.

Alaris is an all in one solution that provides everything needed to collect, interpret and respond to IV medication data captured at the point of care. Using wireless data set transfer and Guardrails suite MX software alerts, you can quickly download data for rapid cycle improvement. The hospital’s latest drug and IV therapy delivery parameters can be uploaded just as easily, helping to ensure clinicians always have the most up-to-date drug library. A combination of hardware and software solutions, the Alaris systems Include:

  • The BD Alaris Pump Module continuously or intermittently delivers fluids, medications, blood or blood products for adult, pediatric or neonatal patients.
  • The Alaris Syringe Module supports the BD Alaris PC Unit, helping deliver the right dose of fluids, medication, blood or blood products to your patient.
  • The Alaris PCA Module provides syringe-based PCA functionality on the Alaris™ platform for integrated infusion deliveries.
  • The Alaris Auto-ID Module provides flexible barcoding to input and confirm patient ID, clinician ID and data, potentially reducing programming errors.
  • The Alaris EtCO2 Module provides continuous end-tidal respiratory monitoring for general care in all patient care areas including ancillary care areas.
  • The BD Alaris PC Unit provides a modular platform you can build on to customize infusion delivery based on patient needs.

More About Medical Shipment

Medical Shipment was founded in 2007 by Dan Micic, who was still attending Harper College when he first launched the company. What started over 10 years ago with a shipment of 90 cases of gloves to Medline has quickly become a multimillion-dollar annual business named on the Inc 5000 list for multiple years in a row. Starting with a focus on Nursing, Medical Shipment now provides medical supplies, specialized instructional medical devices, and simulation-based products and services to healthcare educational institutions worldwide. Here, Medical Shipment takes a deeper dive into the company, its product portfolio, and the latest medical simulation industry updates!

View the LEARN CE/CME Platform Webinar Increasing Healthcare Education Program Efficiency with Customized Clinical Student Kits to learn more! is regarded as one of the growing leaders in the medical supply industry. The company flourished in the past decade due to its dedication to customer service and Founder Dan Micic’s drive to impact the industry for the better. Primarily serving colleges, universities, and hospital clients across the country, Medical Shipment plans to continue its recent expansion overseas and establish a significant presence in Europe within the next few years.

Medical Shipment is a premium supplier of simulation nursing supplies and equipment. Their goal is to ensure the products provided fit the needs of healthcare educational programs at a competitive rate, with customer service at the core of their values. Medical Shipment carries an extensive range of products and services, including medication administration training devices, patient simulators, IV Pumps, medical supplies, and more. The Medical Shipment catalog, among other products, includes Manikins, Monitors, Medical Supplies, Labels, Gloves, Med Admin Carts, IV Diagnostic systems, simulated patient medications, and more.

Learn More About Medical Shipment and Alaris Infusion Pumps!

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