August 28, 2023By Lance Baily

Donate Healthcare Simulation Support to Ukraine

Last week Ukraine celebrated the 32nd anniversary of its independence from the Soviet Union on 24 August 1991, a decision which was backed by 92 percent of Ukrainian voters. Since the start of the invasion of Ukraine in February of 2022, Statista reports that more than 9,400 civilians have been killed and almost 17,000 have been injured. Numerous healthcare simulation champions, non-profit organizations, and companies have supported the effort to improve trauma-based clinical simulation training in Ukraine and Poland, some of which are covered in this article, which continue to seek donations and support from the global community. Today, pledges another $1,000 donation to support healthcare simulation and medical relief to Ukraine, and asks readers to consider ways below to join us in this much need humanitarian support.

Chamber of Physician’s Humanitarian Aid Office and Society for Simulation in Europe (SESAM) Supports Simulation Champions in Ukraine

Vitor Almeida, Coordinator of the Portuguese Chamber of Physician`s Humanitarian Aid Office and Chair of the Prehospital Special Interest Group of SESAM, has shared that a Humanitarian Aid Office was implemented to help the Ukrainian counterparts to improve their skills and integrate in the Western Community. Therefore, the organization relies mostly on Ukrainian Doctors working in Portugal who have been acting as the liaison element for Ukraine. The NPO also supports the refugees living in Portugal, translating documents, supporting their medical needs and information, as well functioning as a bridge to the Government structures.

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Following the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation on February 24, 2022, the Portuguese Chamber of Physicians established the Humanitarian Support Office (Gabinete de Apoio Humanitário da Ordem dos Médicos – GAHOM) with the aim of making concerted efforts to support the people of Ukraine. In this context, in addition to supporting refugees in Portugal, it was decided to focus the work on the training of Ukrainian doctors in Ukraine, in strategic partnerships with international scientific societies.

One of the identified areas relevant to the country is the critical care patient transport. In collaboration with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Simulation Centre of the Ternopil State Medical University, the implementation of a Advanced Critical Patient Transport Simulation Course, which regularly takes place at the Biomedical Simulation Centre in Coimbra, Portugal, was prepared in an adapted form for Ukraine.

During the preparatory phase, the legal framework for the exemption of service for National Health Service professionals of the trainees was ensured, and logistical support was provided by the Ministry of Health of Portugal.

The signing of the collaboration protocol between the Portuguese Chamber of Physicians and the Ministry of Health of Portugal on March 20th, 2023, as part of the support to Ukraine, finally formalized this mission, opening doors for future activities in support of this cause.

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Upon arrival in Ternopil, the team settled in the student residence of the Ternopil State Medical University and began the reconnaissance of the area and security conditions. Logistics at the Simulation Centre were evaluated, the training plan and translations of educational materials were reviewed. The training started on February 28th and concluded with the completion of three “Advanced Critical Care Transportation Simulation Courses” on March 5th, 2023 with 52 medical personnel trained and certified, including Physicians and Paramedics.

The next steps will include the continuation of theses courses in Ukraine, the implementation of an “Obstetric Emergencies Course with Simulation” and a Mobile Simulation Project. “Caravan of Resilience”; A Mobile Simulation Journey for Healthcare Professionals in Ukraine. This project aims to establish Mobile Simulation for Health Care Professionals in Ukraine to address the urgent need for comprehensive training in the context of war. The objective is to equip healthcare professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide effective care in a challenging environment. By offering on-site training sessions and simulations, it can contribute to empower healthcare professionals to respond efficiently to medical emergencies, trauma cases interhospital transfer of critical patients, and other critical healthcare challenges that result from the ongoing conflict. The major objective is to strengthen the healthcare system’s resilience in the geographic areas that are under major pressure, ensuring that healthcare professionals are prepared to deliver quality care to the affected population, during, and, after the war. The training is to be held in Ukraine in international cooperation.

The funding for this project is being discussed and will rely on donations mainly, also in collaboration with ONG´s and Government support. Cooperation with International sponsors and pedagogic and logistic support is desired and necessary to guarantee the implementation of the project.

Since March of 2022, the organization has provided:

  • Medical support during the bus transfers of hundreds of refugees from Poland to Portugal
  • Translations and elaboration of bilingual medical forms to facilitate the integration of the refugees in our National Health Service
  • Organization of specific medical consultations for high-risk patients
  • Assessment in Ukraine to analyze the needs on the field.
  • Implementation of the Advanced Critical Patient Transport with Simulation Courses in Ternopil
  • Support of Ukrainian doctors who wish to visit health care facilities and medical congresses in Europe.
  • Organization of medical equipment and medication to send to Ukraine.

These groups are also supporting additional trauma simulation resources and programs, so please reach out to learn more about ways to donate and support their efforts through the PCPH Aid Office and SESAM websites.

Razom For Ukraine Donates Millions in Medical Supplies and More

In 2022, the non-profit Ukrainian-American human rights organization Razom for Ukraine has delivered over 500 tons of life-saving supplies totaling over $40M. A reported $7.5M has gone towards procuring the most requested live-saving tactical medicine, medical supplies, and hospital needs delivered to territorial defense units and hospitals across the country that are actively fighting off occupiers.

According to the organization, Razom’s Hospitals Team has also built relationships with large nonprofit organizations and agencies that aggregate hospital supplies, global health, major disaster relief organizations, and several hospitals. The goal has been to collect in-kind donations, which together currently have an estimated value of $1.2M. Further, the first of many medical missions were successfully carried out in mid-April in partnership with MedGlobal – resulting in 40 hours of training for an estimated total of 350 Ukrainian physicians in Lviv on polytrauma surgical procedures, diagnostics, surgeries, operating portable butterfly ultrasounds (donated by MedGlobal), and educating doctors on how to prepare and act in case of chemical warfare.

Razom for Ukraine Donation Opportunities Include:

  • ‌Stop the Bombing: Advancing bipartisan policy and engaging constituents and community leaders in the U.S. in support of a secure and democratic Ukraine.
  • Stop the Bleeding: Delivering life-saving aid to the first responder and front-line medics.
  • Supporting Ukraine’s Health Systems: Building a healthcare system with the supplies and skills to serve Ukrainians now and after victory.
  • Rebuilding Ukraine: Investing in vetted grass-roots NGO organizations in Ukraine that supply aid to vulnerable communities.
  • Connecting Ukraine to the World: Amplifying voices from Ukraine in the U.S. and around the world through educational programs, volunteer opportunities, and the arts/

Lucid Reality Labs Supports Coordination of Medical Device and Medical Simulator Donations to Ukraine Through UACC

Working with the US-Based 501(c)3 non-profit organization Ukrainian American Coordinating Council (UACC), Ukrainian-founded Virtual Reality company Lucid Reality Labs is assisting with the coordination of medical device and medical simulator donations. The groups are especially seeking equipment and supplies related to body armor, amputation, trauma, hemorrhage control, and much needed medical devices for the front lines of Ukrainian’s conflict zones. The UACC’s mission is to help civilian Ukrainians bravely fight for their independence and freedom, the UACC (Ukrainian American Coordinating Council) responded quickly by obtaining a special license for regulated, military-grade items. Funds, equipment and supplies can be donated either to New Jersey for shipping to Poland, or can receive donations directly into Poland.

Since the early 1960’s, the UACC has worked together with our partners both nationally and internationally on developing sustainable and enduring communities all over the United States. Their goal is to encourage Ukrainian-Americans to join their organization and participate in support of Ukraine and the Diaspora as well as support other Ukrainian organizations and help them grow.

The organization has raised more than $10M+ in cash and in-kind donations since the full scale invasion of Ukraine in February of 2022. With the funds and in-kind donated goods, established a logistics pipeline to fulfill Ukrainian Territorial Defense Units frontline requests. Starting from the basic needs as food, water, uniform, bulletproof vests and helmets as well as evacuation pickups and armored ambulances, civilian UAV for surveillance purposes, evacuation boats, field surgical rooms and refugee shelters. Visit the UACC website to donate and support.

Want to Donate a TCCC Manikin to Ukraine? Connect with TacMed Solutions

From point of injury throughout the continuum of clinical care, Warfighters, First Responders, and citizens alike, all rely on TacMed Solutions extensive tactical field experience and product knowledge to supply intuitive solutions. They develop and manufacture customized emergency response technology, advanced simulation, and training aids to effectively manage a spectrum of hostile environments and injuries. Learn more and reach out to support Ukraine on the TacMed website.

Join Us in Donating Medical Supply Funds to Razom for Ukraine

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