August 8, 2023By Teresa Gore

Hawaii Hosts SimHuddle 2023 Healthcare Simulation Conference this October

The California Simulation Alliance, the Hawai’i State Simulation Collaborative, and the Victorian Simulation Alliance are proud to convene their Inaugural Transpacific Simulation Alliance Event, SimHuddle 2023 . This healthcare simulation conference will be held at the Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii from October 17-20, 2023. The conference has multiple events including the Writing Retreat, the Pre-Conference Workshops and the main event SimHuddle Conference. is proud to support the first of many SimHuddle Hawaii healthcare simulation conferences with more details below.

SimHuddle will be a unique and boutique conference that will bring together simulation communities from Australia, the United States, and other pacific regions to connect and collaborate. A feature of the SimHuddle conference is that participants will have the opportunity to meet or “huddle” with current and new colleagues to learn in small working groups called “huddles”.

While learning new things at a conference can be easy, often the greatest benefit comes from the networks that are established which can provide the greatest sustained impact. Every delegate will be allocated to a huddle group with designated times to meet and check-in goals.

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SimHuddle 2023 Conference Themes

  • Innovations in healthcare simulation
  • Research in clinical simulation
  • Collaborations in medical simulation (communities of practice, interprofessional simulation, international simulation)
  • Simulation to prepare our future healthcare workforce
  • Simulation and healthcare sustainability

SimHuddle 2023 Learning Outcomes of the Conference

  • To foster an international simulation community of practice
  • To generate new ideas about simulation for the future of healthcare
  • To provide opportunities for collaborative research
  • To present a forum for professional development on the latest in simulation

SimHuddle 2023 Objectives

  • Collaborate on simulation initiatives
  • Discuss innovative healthcare simulation ideas
  • Explore challenges and solutions for simulation programs
  • Share best practice

Next, let’s take a look at the keynote address from some of the world’s top names in clinical simulation!

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SimHuddle 2023 Keynote Speakers

SimHuddle 2023 will open with the welcome address by Jayne Smitten, PhD, MEd, CHSE-A, FSSH. Jayne is President of the Board of Directors, Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) and Director of Hawai’i Pacific University’s College of Health and Society Simulation Center. The keynote speakers are:

Adam Cheng, MD, FRCPC: As a scientist and researcher at the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute, Adam oversees a program of simulation-based research focused on improving outcomes from cardiac arrest. He co-founded the INSPIRE network, an international research simulation collaborative with over 300 institutions that has fostered the global dissemination of simulation-based research. He has served on the Board of Directors and was named to the Academy of Fellows in the Society for Simulation in Healthcare.

Susan Eller, PhD, RN, CHSE, FSSH: Susan’s area of interest as a researcher is on psychological safety in pre-licensure nursing and distance simulation. She is part of the faculty for The Debriefing Academy, a multinational academy of simulation debriefing experts and leaders established in 2019. Susan is a mentor for SESAM (Society for Simulation in Europe) and the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH). She is also a member of the Simulation Research Network (SiReN) steering committee at SESAM and on the SSH Research Committee.

Stephanie O’Regan, RN: Stephanieis a registered nurse with 20 years’ experience in simulation-based education (SBE). Until recently she was the Deputy Director of the Sydney Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre (SCSSC), an internationally recognized SBE provider. Stephanie is a former chair of the Australian Society for Simulation in Healthcare (ASSH) and was the NSW Health lead for a state-wide $40 million simulation program and infrastructure enhancement project.

SimHuddle Workshop and Panel Presenters

SimHuddle 2023 offers multiple workshops, panel presentations, and other “huddles” to learn, explore, and collaborate. The presenters will discuss their experiences and engage participants. The presenters are:

Debra Kiegaldie, PhD, MEd, BEdst: Debra is the current Clinical Chair for the Faculty of Health Sciences at Holmesglen Institute and Healthscope Australia and holds an adjunct appointment with Monash University’s Eastern Health Clinical School. She has led research projects on virtual reality, e-learning, falls, delirium, communication skills, feedback & supervision end-of-life-care, medical error and open disclosure, and on developing an integrative communication skills curriculum in pre-registration courses. She serves on the Accreditation team for the Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria and she is the current President of the Victorian Simulation Alliance Board of Management.

Cathy Smith, PhD, CHSE: has been a Simulationist in health professional education for over 30 years, with a particular focus on working with simulated participants in simulation-based education and assessment. She has developed curriculum for diverse formats, ranging from face-to-face to web-based platforms. She serves on the editorial board of the International Journal of Healthcare Simulation and is the Deputy Director of the Simulated Patient Network. Recent peer reviewed publications include the ASPE Standards of Best Practice for human role players in simulation as well as research focused on working with older adult SPs.

Brian Hanlon, BS, CHSOS: Brianis a Simulation Operations Specialist with over 10 years’ experience in Healthcare Simulation. With a background in videography, Brian brings a creative approach to the day-to-day operations of the AHS Simulation Center and enjoys the challenge of bringing a trauma scenario to life using moulage.

Michelle Aebersold, PhD, RN, CHSE, FSSH FAAN: Michelle is a Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator, a Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing, and a Fellow in the Society for Simulation in Healthcare. Dr. Aebersold has extensive experience in using a variety of simulation learning methods including Extended Realities to improve the care of patients through caregiver education and training.

Melissa Ciardulli, MadEd, AdvClinNur, BNAppSci (Nursing), RN : Melissa is currently the Simulation Program Leader for the Faculty of Health Sciences, Youth and Community Studies at Holmesglen Institute, Melbourne, Australia. With 25 years of experience in pediatric intensive care nursing she holds graduate and postgraduate qualifications in nursing and education and recently completed a Master of Adult and Vocational Education. She feels very honored to have joined the Events Committee for the Victorian Simulation Alliance to facilitate a Feedback and Debriefing workshop.

KT Waxman, DNP, MBA, RN, CNL, CHSE, CENP, FAONL, FSSH: K.T. is an international nurse leader and executive with extensive experience in academic and healthcare settings. An internationally known speaker and author, Waxman is past president of the Association of California Nurse Leaders (ACNL) and past board member, serving as treasurer for the American Organization for Nursing Leadership (AONL). She is a past president of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare. Her work has been published extensively and can be found in the Journal for Simulation in Healthcare, Clinical Simulation for Nursing, Journal of Nursing Education, NAQ, JONA, Nurse Leader and other journals.

SimHuddle Pre-Conference

The pre-conference sessions will be held on October 18th presented by the speakers listed above. The pre-conference workshops are “What is the Direct Observer Role and Why

Should I Use It”, “Designing a Collaborative Online International Learning Program Using Simulation”, “Psychological Safety in Debriefing: Navigating the Nuances”, and “Integrating Simulated Participant Methodology into Your Simulation Program”.

Research Writing Retreat at SimHuddle

The writing Retreat offers the opportunity for some delegates to join a special research writing retreat which is twelve learning hours over three days. Anyone who is interested or currently undertaking research in healthcare simulation, especially those thinking about becoming or already studying as graduate students. Whether you are at the stage of writing a research proposal or stuck drafting a manuscript, this retreat is for you. This structured program will assist participants to develop academic writing skills. The retreat speakers will explore strategies to construct manuscripts for peer-reviewed publications.

The writing retreat will allow participants to have dedicated time to write with the option of sharing with fellow participants. This opportunity allows participants to experience close in-person mentoring from experienced researchers, editors and reviewers. Participation in the Writing Retreat at SimHuddle to develop or extend their professional network that will include the option to participate in two follow-up webinars, at one month and six months after the SimHuddle Writing Retreat. The Writing Retreat will be led by three leaders that grow the science and knowledge in the simulation community through publications.

Debra Nestel, AM, PhD, FAcadMed: Debra is Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Healthcare Simulation. She was Foundation Editor-in-Chief, Advances in Simulation and a former Editor-in-Chief of BMJ STEL. She has received other national awards for her work in healthcare simulation and a Presidential Citation from the Society for Simulation in Healthcare. Debra has published over 200 peer-reviewed papers in health professions education and edited four books and a major reference work.

Gabriel Reedy, PhD, FAcadMed: Gabriel’s research focuses on how healthcare professionals, scientists, clinicians, and emergency responders learn, and how to support and train them more effectively, especially using simulation and immersive environments. He serves on the Research Committee of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH), and the Scientific Committee of the Society in Europe for Simulation as Applied to Medicine (SESAM). He is the Editor-in-Chief of Advances in Simulation, the academic journal of SESAM.

Nicole Harder, PhD, RN: Nicole is the Editor-in-Chief for Clinical Simulation in Nursing, and a current board member with the Réseau Simulation Canada Network. She is a curriculum developer and facilitator for the Canadian Association for Schools of Nursing in the Simulation Nurse Educator certification program. Nicole’s research focuses on learner outcomes linked to facilitation and debriefing techniques in simulation, with her most recent work on the use of simulation to develop resiliency and coping skills in pre-licensure students.

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