May 12, 2023By Teresa Gore

California Simulation Alliance and Sign Media Partnership, the world’s leading healthcare simulation resource website, is constantly seeking to establish new media partnerships to showcase the work of various organizations and associations across the globe. The goal is also to increase the utilization of their services to the greater healthcare simulation community. Most recently, HealthySimulation has entered into a media partnership with the California Simulation Alliance (CSA) to showcase the work of the organization to advocate for healthcare simulation advancement and utilization in California and beyond and all upcoming events.

Watch this LEARN CE/CME platform webinar on Building and Sustaining a Statewide Clinical Simulation Alliance from CSA Director KT Waxman!

Additionally, this particular media partnership serves as a way to foster the dissemination of research, resources, and collaboration opportunities of the California Simulation Alliance. Further, both and CSA hope to use this partnership as a way to work together to advance the professional knowledge and skills of its members and affiliates. This is made possible as is the world’s leading healthcare simulation resource website with daily news, CE webinars & courses, product demos, job listings, conference recaps, research highlights, helpful guides, and more!

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The Director of California Simulation Alliance, KT Waxman, DNP, MBA, RN, CNL, CENP, CHSE, FSSH, FAONL, FAAN, states, “The California Simulation Alliance has always been a strong supporter of and are excited about our new partnership. CSA will be hosting our first TransPacific Simulation Alliance conference in October 2023 in Hawaii, and the marketing provided by will be invaluable.”

“ is thrilled to become a media partner with the California Simulation Alliance (CSA) to share the organization’s simulation resources and showcase their education efforts to promote healthcare simulation,” said Founder and CEO Lance Baily. He continued that “ readers need to stay informed of the latest research, resources, and networking opportunities available through CSA. We are excited to spread the news of their first TransPacific Simulation Alliance Conference later this year. We encourage everyone in healthcare simulation to learn more about California Simulation Alliance today!”

Dr. Waxman is a past president of the Society of Simulation in Healthcare. An internationally known speaker and author, Waxman is past president of the Association of California Nurse Leaders (ACNL) and is past Treasurer of the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE). She is also the editor-in-chief of the nursing journal Nursing Administration Quarterly (NAQ).

Waxman’s work has been published extensively and can be found in journals such as: Simulation in Healthcare, Clinical Simulation for Nursing, Journal of Nursing Education, Nurse Leader, Creative Nursing, NAQ, and MedSim. She is a chapter author for 3 simulation textbooks and the author of 3 books: “A Practical Guide to Finance and Budgeting: Skills for Nurse Managers”, “Financial and Business Management for the Doctor of Nursing Practice”, and “Healthcare Simulation Program Builder” by HcPro.

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More About California Simulation Alliance

The California Simulation Alliance (CSA) is a virtual entity and a non-profit program within the California Institute for Nursing & Healthcare, which is operated under the Health Impact Non-Profit Organization, which has a mission to “shape health care through workforce strategy, stakeholder convening, and policy advocacy”. The CSA association is a statewide network that serves as an information clearinghouse and umbrella for seven regional collaboratives that provide healthcare simulation education and research. In addition to this, each year the California Simulation Alliance hosts a variety of simulation conferences to push healthcare simulation to the next level of utilization.

In 2008, HealthImpact founded the California Simulation Alliance to network and support interdisciplinary healthcare educators in California and beyond. According to the organization, healthcare simulation professionals are utilizing multiple types of simulation in pre-licensure schools to provide high-quality clinical experiences in hospitals to improve patient care and teamwork.

CSA’s vision is to strengthen the healthcare simulation workforce through high-quality simulation. To achieve this, the organization works to strengthen expertise in simulation and advocate for simulation policy through interprofessional education, collaboration and evidence-based practice. With this goal, CSA’s values remain rooted in education, collaboration, partnerships, research and policy.

In terms of education, the California Simulation Alliance believes that evidence-based simulation prepares learners for practice, strengthens curricula, and that all simulation faculty need ongoing development. To effectively collaborate, alliance members must network and share best practices, while strategic partnerships help them to advance simulation best practices and expand opportunities for outreach. Furthermore, the CSA promotes inter-organizational research on simulation, and acts as a voice for simulation to continuously improve the preparation of the healthcare simulation workforce.

California Simulation Alliance Simulation Courses

The California Simulation Alliance is a leader in faculty development for simulation educators, having trained over 2,500 simulation faculty. To foster simulation in healthcare and improve patient safety, the CSA offers courses that serve as a resource for these healthcare simulation interprofessional faculty members, and promote overall research on simulation.

CSA courses are designed for all levels and follow principles of adult learning. All courses are interactive and immersive in nature, and support the transition of the learner from novice to expert. The CSA courses are preparatory for the Certification as Healthcare Simulation Educator (CHSE) endorsed by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare.

The CSA recommends that novice simulationists take an “Essentials in Clinical Simulations Across Health Professions” course prior to enrolling in the alliance’s courses. This seven-week course provides learners with key strategies to help them understand the foundation of clinical simulations. During each module, learners receive instruction on seven key components of clinical simulation across healthcare professions and how they impact their current positions.

Learn more about the California Simulation Alliance

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