February 9, 2022By Lance Baily

EMS Transforms Healthcare Education with EDUCATIONiQ Technology Ecosystem

Education Management Solutions (EMS) is constantly working to transform healthcare simulation education by developing flexible, hybrid-ready solutions to meet clinical simulation program needs in 2022 and beyond. These solutions give educators the power to manage and analyze their programs like never before—within a single, unified learning ecosystem. One such EMS solution, the newly integrated EDUCATIONiQ technology ecosystem, is specifically transforming healthcare education by integrating systems, unifying workflows, aggregating multisource data, simplifying user experiences, and adapting to unique learning circumstances.

Whether an institution needs a smaller-scale solution, multi-site enterprise system, or anything in-between, EDUCATIONiQ’s flexible healthcare education infrastructure has the answer. With an extensive lineup of mobile apps to facilitate learning in the field and on the go, EDUCATIONiQ adapts to each unique learning modality. This modular solution was developed to unify and enhance healthcare education programs and is supported by:

  • SIMULATIONiQ to capture, organize, and analyze simulation training activities
  • Competency.AI to manage clinical rotations and assess curriculum and learner competencies
  • MEDIASHAREiQ to develop and deliver video-based and hybrid didactic online learning content

By using EDUCATIONiQ, healthcare educators can integrate healthcare education technology across their curriculum. This enables scalable media management with hybrid flexible (HyFlex) capability for live and on-demand video, and the seamless integration with LMS systems, grade books, third-party video conferencing tools, and hardware devices.

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The technology additionally makes way for new, adaptive content management features that include native editing, permissions-based sharing, and rinse and repeat reusability. Together, these features work to better support synchronous and asynchronous workflows (with full WCAG 2.1 and Section 508 compliance).

In terms of healthcare simulation training, EDUCATIONiQ uses HD recording and live viewing of rooms for a comprehensive evaluation, assessment, and debriefing. The solution comes with simulator integration with vital feeds (may require hardware), events log, and bookmarks as well.

Another feature is the enhanced SP workflows, including integrated scheduling and calendar, chat features, and mobile app. Making this solution unique, EDUCATIONiQ possesses advanced AV features, automated recording and paging, EHR, telemedicine, and distance simulation add-ons, as well as KPI reporting and analytics of simulation activities.

EDUCATIONiQ offers clinical rotations through the enhanced management of clinical training for tracking learner progression and assessing curriculum proficiency. With simplified rotations tracking, checklist completion, streamlining usability for both learners and preceptors, and customized curriculum and competency mapping – this solution is helping to revolutionize healthcare simulation training.

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Users are able to use versatile solution features to log patient encounters through the system or at the point of care, longitudinal data analytics,  at-risk-learner early warning system, and automated accreditation for reporting. They can truly take their healthcare simulation program into the future with EDUCATIONiQ!

Check out HealthySImulation.com’s Education Management Solutions SIMULATIONiQ CORE IMSH 2022 Demo: In this video, HealthySimulation.com interviews Lynn Welch, vice president of Business Development and Marketing at Education Management Solutions about some of the company’s newest innovations. For example, Welch shares that EMS’ portfolio creates a seamless platform for creating, delivering, and managing an entire healthcare simulation program – which helped lead the company to the creation of EDUCATIONiQ. This technology ecosystem is a modular solution developed to unify and enhance healthcare education

More About EMS

EMS and the company’s brand SimulationIQ is a leading healthcare simulation company that provides audiovisual recording debriefing systems, learning management systems, A/V design consulting, online learning systems, counseling training systems, virtual patient simulations, as well ROI and competency-based evaluation systems. The company’s healthcare simulation-based solutions for healthcare training environments range from clinical simulation management software and hardware to counselor education and virtual interactive computer-based training tools. Further, EMS’ comprehensive technology platform aggregates curriculum and learner performance data across online, didactic, clinical, and simulation-based training modules.

Founded in 1994, the mission of EMS has always been to provide a safe environment for healthcare professionals to develop patient safety skills. They feel strongly that their state-of-the-art technology makes simulation training even easier, from automated training sessions to feature-rich, interactive tools in the simulation classroom and mobile solutions for in-situ training environments. The EMS track record of healthcare education innovation includes:

  • First to introduce medical sim solution for standardized patients (SP)
  • Integrated innovative digital video recording and automation features
  • Revolutionized virtual patient case and IPE training
  • Implemented distributed software architecture
  • Merged hybrid functionality across product lines for greater flexibility
  • Launched EDUCATIONiQ to bridge online, didactic, simulation, and clinical curriculum

The EMS goal is to bring educators the best collaborative innovation the industry has to offer – as “innovation has been written into our DNA for over 20 years!” Working alongside subject matter experts, EMS serves as the driving force behind numerous consumer-centered innovations that continue to move the clinical simulation market forward with breakthrough technologies.

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