May 11, 2021By Lance Baily

Remedy Simulation Group Releases ViCCi Vaccination Training Kit

Remedy Simulation Group, an industry leader in custom healthcare simulation aids and medical contract manufacturing, announced the launch of the new ViCCi Vaccination Training Kit in May 2021. With the rise in demand for qualified vaccinators, the ViCCi Vaccination Training Kit is crucial in the fight against COVID-19 and its variants. Thus, the complete kit is a valuable tool for training new staff, refreshing existing skills and helping to educate learners.

Specifically designed for intramuscular vaccine administration simulation training, each kit contains one Paddy Injection Trainer Pad, a pre-filled 10 mL vaccine vial, a 5 mL syringe and a 25 g, 1” tip dispensing needle. Paddy’s skin puncture resistance, as well as the resistance throughout the entire injection, closely mimics the feel of a real injection.

The pad drains at the bottom and comes with a formed plastic tray so the product can be used with fluid-filled syringes. The ViCCi Vaccination Training Kit is available in both light and dark skin tones. (ViCCi does NOT include the Epidermis layer patches.)

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“We had noticed that, in the rush to get the [COVID-19] vaccine out to the public, there was a call to have military personal and retired medical professionals help administer the injection,” said Scott Wilson, the sales and operations manager at Remedy Simulation Group. “I spoke with someone in the National Guard and they had never given an injection before, and showed some interest in getting a training kit. We are in the unique position to offer just that.”

He explained that ViCCi Vaccination Training Kit production came together rather quickly, which demonstrated the company’s adaptability. Wilson said this was made possible by the proprietary materials Remedy Simulation Group uses for the “Paddy” injection pad, which mimics real-world feel in administering injections.

“We believe with the availability of the COVID vaccine, more and more locations will open up to get the shot, and with this the possibility of more people either having to learn how to administer an injection or brush up on skill they may not have used in a while,” Wilson said. “We do have several testers we partner with and the feedback has been very positive.”

He added that Remedy Simulation Group’s number one goal is to have everything customers will be given to administer the shot in one easy-to-purchase clinical simulation kit. Wilson emphasized that this kit is designed for everyone who needs to either learn or relearn how to administer an injection.

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More About Remedy Simulation’s Realistic Customizable Injection Trainers

Born of a customer request for a realistic yet economical small injection pad, Remedy Simulation Group’s small injection pad, Paddy, is designed for practicing or demonstrating needle injections, including vaccinations. This 2-1/2″ x 2-1/2″ x 1-3/4″ nursing kit staple realistically simulates three types of injection, including intramuscular, subcutaneous and intradermal.

Made of lightweight foam and a skin-like polymer in both light and dark skin shades, Paddy looks, feels and responds remarkably closely to the real thing. Whether a customer is learning needle injections for the first time or is a veteran looking to brush up on their skills, Paddy is a small injection pad that can provide great insight and education. With this injection trainer, learners can practice or demonstrate the following types of injection:

  • Intramuscular – into the muscle
  • Subcutaneous – into the fat layer between skin and muscle
  • Intradermal – into the dermis

Alternatively, the company also offers a large injection pad, “Patrick.” Patrick was designed for demonstrating and practicing needle injections, including autoinjectors and vaccines. Four times larger than Paddy and designed with an extra fat-like layer, the Patrick large injection pad provides a deluxe, next-level experience at a highly competitive price.

This large injection pad realistically simulates four types of injection, including intramuscular, Z-track, subcutaneous and intradermal. The training resource includes an easy-draining feature that makes using fluid-filled syringes simple. The Patrick large injection pad includes the following contents:

  • One large injection pad, in light or dark skin tone
  • One storage tray
  • Three removable epidermis layer pads

More About Remedy Simulation Group

Remedy Simulation Group uses the best combination of old-school production methods and cutting-edge technology, providing solutions to the medical education community. Remedy Simulation Group offers a line of medical simulation products that were developed with direct feedback from simulation centers. The company builds all products in its Perkasie, Pennsylvania, location and uses materials all from United States suppliers.

Remedy Simulation Group also offers custom and contract manufacturing. It has partnered with some of the largest pharmaceutical companies to create:

  • Trade show displays
  • Portable salesforce demonstration models
  • Simulated medical devices
  • 3D printed models

Remedy Simulation Group looks forward to “Improving the Standard of Practice” with all partners throughout the industry.

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