September 22, 2020By Lance Baily

New Online and Distance Education Platform for Clinical Skills Development During COVID-19

Transitioning to virtual learning is not nearly as simple as it might seem on the surface. Online and distance education requires different thinking, teaching style and technology to create learner-centered environments. In a virtual learning environment, there are different demands on focus, attention span and managing the strain of motion. Humans often want to learn in an environment with peers, where ideas can easily be exchanged. As such, today we are taking a closer look at CAE Maestro Evolve from CAE Healthcare as a new virtual solution for healthcare educators utilizing clinical simulation during COVID-19.

CAE Maestro Evolve is a cloud-based, virtual learning platform offering the most realistic, adaptive and customized experience that equips clinicians for effective patient management.

Considering how to best provide education in a virtual environment is especially important for healthcare learners. How is it possible to recreate the real-world stressors of an in-person environment when everything is done remotely and online?

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CAE Healthcare strives to enable virtual simulation experiences as an option for clinical learners to continue education when hands-on learning is not possible. In some educational environments, simulation—and by necessity, virtual simulation—is taking a more prominent place, because it ensures:

  • Learner, patient and educator safety, as there is no close personal interaction
  • Risk-free learning, with no potential discomfort or harm to the patient
  • More exposure to practice skills and think independently, as specific training scenarios can be run again and again—on demand

Access realistic simulation remotely

The interactive CAE Maestro Evolve platform enables real-time virtual simulation accessible from anywhere, on any device, at any time. Since the platform uses an integrated suite of cloud-hosted software applications, there is no software to install—all that is needed is an internet connection.

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CAE Maestro Evolve includes:

  • A virtual patient: CAE Embody is a virtual patient powered by an advanced physiology engine. The patient presents hyper-realistic characteristics, conditions and responses that simulate a variety of health states.
  • Virtual equipment: A simulated patient room with virtual medical equipment—such as ventilators, anesthesia machines and defibrillators—displays real-time data for facilitator-led remote simulations.
  • Pre-programmed Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCE): The CAE Healthcare Academy is an international team of experienced clinicians and faculty who are also simulation experts, which has developed hundreds of hours of unique SCE content—all of which are physiology and evidence based.

Tap into innovative simulation capabilities

CAE Maestro Evolve is a single platform that allows access to your simulator, equipment and healthcare equipment. With this flexible platform, there are limitless possibilities for innovative instruction and content development. Take your simulation program to the next level with features that:

  • Help you focus on teaching/training. Enjoy the flexibility of facilitating hands-on practice and theory with one versatile tool that eliminates the stress of how to expand your classroom, or how to deliver content.
  • Engage learners. A limitless number of base patients can be configured—from healthy to severely ill—for students to observe as physiology automatically responds to interventions.
  • Keep content fresh. In addition to content that you create, CAE Maestro Evolve provides a steady, always-updated stream of educational content that is developed by the CAE Healthcare Academy.

Illustrate investment value

Although implementing high-fidelity simulation isn’t easy, the value of preserving patient safety, improving clinical outcomes, and adapting more easily under unpredictable circumstances—such as a global pandemic that requires limited physical contact—makes the investment of funding and time well worth it.

CAE Maestro Evolve:

  • Creates predictable budgeting with a subscription-based model with standardizes pricing
  • Can easily scale and grow with education and training needs
    Saves on space (and costs) for in-person learning equipment
  • Works seamlessly with the suite of CAE Healthcare education and training offerings developed for the current learning environment

Looking for more on creating quality clinical experiences?

Download the free whitepaper from CAE Healthcare that explores the current realities of, and solutions for, online and distance learning.

About CAE Healthcare

CAE Healthcare offers integrated education and training solutions to healthcare students and clinical professionals across the professional life cycle, allowing them to develop practical experience in simulated environments before treating patients. CAE Healthcare’s full spectrum of simulation solutions includes surgical and imaging simulation, curriculum, the CAE LearningSpace audiovisual and center management platform and highly realistic adult, pediatric and baby patient simulators. Today, hospitals, medical schools, nursing schools, defense forces and societies in more than 80 countries use our training solutions to make healthcare safer.

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