December 23, 2019By Lance Baily

Shoulder Joint Dislocation Simulator

A  Shoulder Joint Dislocation Simulator is a rare product in the medical simulation space, but certainly an important one for First Responders and PT specialists! Without hesitation we will admit there is not much to write about this particular shoulder dislocation simulator, as videos are worth a million words here!

About the Dislocation Simulator

The Injury Simulation (IS) model task trainer developed and sold by M N Medical and SAWBONES, is specifically designed for medical schools, sports medicine programs, and other healthcare institutions. This product has been developed and customized for gaining proficiency to become expert healthcare professionals, by allowing multiple opportunities to practice as they wish dislocation and subluxation.

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It has been recognized and recommended by many orthopedic Surgeons including:​ Dr. Ralph J Curtis, Jr. MD Shoulder Consultant for NBA San Antonio Spurs Authored eight text book chapters in orthopedics and Sports Medicine.

Sports Medicine Associates of San Antonio including Dr. David R. Schmidt MD said “We had the privilege of using the Shoulder IS model which fulfilled all our expectations as doctors in the orthopedic field. We have never seen such an innovative clinical simulation product in our field of medicine.

The Shoulder IS Model produces dislocation/relocation healthcare simulation with great results. We are encouraged with these results. We confidently recommend it to others to achieve the same satisfaction. This product offers great practice in many settings, including medical schools, athletic training programs, and many other healthcare institutions. It can cut down the learning time and increase hands on skill efficiency before encountering live patients.

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It has worked wonders for us and We hope it will do wonders for other simulation in healthcare programs too!”

Visit the IS Model Website to Learn More!

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