August 14, 2019By Dr. Kim Baily

Clinical Simulation Educator Job Description w/ Downloadable Template

The growing field of healthcare simulation has resulted in an increased demand for qualified simulation staff. Continuing her series on Job Description Templates for Clinical Simulation staff, today Dr. Kim Baily shares about Educator roles. Below is also a Clinical Simulation Educator job template, and links to previous job descriptions including beginning and advanced Sim Techs and a Coordinator position!

Job descriptions for simulation employees vary considerably from institution to institution depending on the overall goals of the parent institution (service versus academia) and the type of simulation (human patient simulators, virtual reality, standardized patients). Other variables relate to the size of the simulation program, multidisciplinary use of the sim laboratory facilities, the specific role of individual employees (technical, educational, administration/management/coordinator) and budget. Thus the responsibilities of a simulation educator are often quite varied and may include any or all of the following:

  • Course lecturing and/or skills laboratory instruction
  • Sim program coordinator.
  • Scheduling
  • Technical operations including set up, operation and tear down of scenarios.
  • Simulation program manager/director.
  • Content expert/Specific clinical experience e.g. Peds or OB.
  • Technical staff orientation and training.
  • Simulation research.
  • Liaison between departments.

Note, some announcements use alternate terms for educator such as simulation facilitator or instructor. Some positions include clinical in the title and some specifically mention a practice area e.g. pediatric simulation educator. The first step in creating a job description for a specific institution is to list all the responsibilities of the role and the educational requirements including specific clinical knowledge required. Job announcements usually start with a general description of the parent institution followed by an outline of the simulation program.

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The International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL) Standards of Best Practice include a standard for Simulation Facilitation. INACSL recognizes that different methods may be used for simulation but requires that the method chosen should match the educational outcomes and learner needs.  Further, INACSL states that “A facilitator assumes responsibility and oversight for managing the entire simulation-based experience”. Simulation administrators or other staff responsible for hiring simulation educators, should ensure that the facilitator has the education, skills and experience necessary to ensure that learners reach the stated outcomes of the simulation activities. Adequate educator preparation is becoming an important requirement for those simulation programs planning to become nationally accredited. In addition, some state boards of nursing are requiring evidence to show that simulation faculty are adequately prepared. Simulation educators/facilitators require knowledge about simulation pedagogy including pre-briefing, cue delivery, debriefing and knowledge of INACSL standards including the Professional Integrity standard.

The attached template focuses on an employment announcement for a simulation educator who is responsible for prebriefing, running a scenario and debriefing but makes the assumption that there are technical staff to set up and operate the manikin and other equipment and that the program has other personnel to coordinate/manage the simulation program. Items in italics are either optional requirements or where institution specific information should be inserted. has previously published job descriptions for simulation technicians and coordinators. When a simulation educator position is combined with simulation operative (technician) or coordinator roles, items from these templates may be added to the educator template.

Download the Sim Educator Job Template Here!

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Today’s article was guest authored by Kim Baily PhD, MSN, RN, CNE, previous Simulation Coordinator for Los Angeles Harbor College and Director of Nursing for El Camino College. Over the past 16 years Kim has developed and implemented several college simulation programs and previously chaired the Southern California Simulation Collaborative.

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