August 2, 2011By Lance Baily

Sim Center Video of the Month – School of Health, Rome

A great International Simulation program video coming at ya!

At the School of Health and Veterinary in Rome – Cecchignola, it was created a complex, called “Area di Disorientamento Neurosensoriale” (Disorientation Neurosensory Area), which allows realistic and interactive simulations of emergency health activities to all staff members.
In particular, the structure built in the barracks “Artale” includes a classroom briefing with multimedia, a control room, a dressing room where staff can wear the equipment provided and a training room, on an area of ​​300 square meters, which is equipped with a tracked vehicle, a “Lince” in the ambulance version, a tent for medical practice of first aid, strobe lights, smoke-producing devices, audio equipment, cameras and infrared video recording devices.

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The purpose of this simulation system is to check the level of preparation of doctors, nurses, health aides and military rescue workers of whom, at the end of courses held by the school, can be tested for ability to act properly even under stressful critical operational situatiuons.

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