May 2, 2016By Lance Baily

Polhemus Delivers World Class Motion Tracking Technology to Medical Simulation Industry

polhemus medical simulation motion tracking

Ever wonder how an Ultrasound Simulator knows the exact angle of a learner’s probe? Polhemus has been breaking new ground with best-in-class 6 Degree-Of-Freedom (6DOF) electromagnetic tracking systems for over 40 years. Their product line includes the latest technology for motion tracking, 3D laser scanning, eye tracking, and caters to healthcare, military, and research and technology markets.

Are you building a medical simulation task trainer or simulator which could take advantage of advanced motion tracking technology? Polhemus provides state-of-the-art tracking products and will collaborate with you to develop your prototype. Check out my video interview with Neil Schell, Director of Business Development at Polhemus, during IMSH 2016:

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About Polhemus Technology

Polhemus technology delivers full 6DOF motion tracking, measuring both position and orientation, and our proprietary AC electromagnetic technology requires no line-of-sight. Because of this, our sensors have the capability to be embeddable, and our motion trackers are the clear choice for the leaders in healthcare simulation, including ultrasound simulators and training and simulation for surgery. Their trackers are being used by those in the rehabilitation and physical therapy market, utilizing our technology in virtual reality applications.

The Polhemus 3D laser scanning products have enabled areas within healthcare to be taken to the next level. Prosthetics and orthotics professionals use our trusted scanner because the scanner is easy to use, portable, and amputee patients report that because of Polhemus scanning technology, “their socket has a perfectly close and intimate fit.”

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Another area in health care revolutionized by our technology is precision localization. Their tracking technology can synchronize CT or MRI images with the patient’s actual position. Respiratory gaiting and other real-time movements can be monitored and measured enabling precise localization.

Polhemus offers an array of motion tracking products, 3D laser scanners, and eye tracking technology. Learn more about our Applications, Case Studies and Customers we cater to in the healthcare market.

Tracking Applications

  • Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
  • Surgical Simulation
  • Ultrasound Training Simulation

Scanning Applications

  • Orthotics and Prosthetics
  • Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Burn Masks

Learn more on the Medical Simulation Page on the Polhemus Website today!

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