November 18, 2015By Lance Baily

Military Medical Simulation Program Highlighted on Local News

military medical simulation


JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD, Wash. — Nothing compares to the real thing, but Army medic Jason Russell said a battlefield simulation at Joint Base Lewis-McChord comes close. “The animatronics, the bleeding, the smells,” said the staff sergeant, “Everything plays into that key that you don’t get stuck. You don’t freeze where you’re at.”

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Part of the training at Madigan Army Medical Center’s Andersen Simulation Center involves sessions in a dark, smoky room filled with mannequin amputees covered in fake blood. “You can’t really train for this in a classroom,” said Russell.

Capt. Shannon Renfrow, a chief resident at Madigan, will have to go through the battlefield simulation room before she’s deployed overseas. As a doctor at Madigan she regularly participates in other medical simulations. Madigan was selected as a test site for a new birthing simulator. A rubber human belly and fetus replica allows doctors and nurses to practice C-section surgeries. The mannequin is called “C-Celia.” Like a flight simulator, it creates different complications for staff to handle.

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