November 11, 2015By Lance Baily

Alldattia Provides A/V Systems to Brazilian Sim Centers



Are you looking for Simulation Design services in Brazil or South America? Alldattia assists in the specification, design and installation of audiovisual corporate environments, specializing in medical simulation suites. Since 2005, they have provided hospital and surgical environments with system additions including medical devices with audio capabilities, Video, IT and Telecommunications. Systems designed by Alldattia are already running in more than 30 installations.

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Recently they shared some of the lesssons learned from installing A/V systems in medical simulation spaces (some translation errors may exist):

“But a new technology was put in the market and in 2009 we started to install Realistic Medical Simulation environments. At first, we did exactly what was on the books and we immediately understood that who wrote those books knew a lot about simulation but nothing about audio and video. We’ve installed seven simulation environments for one particular client and it worked fine, but could be better. After some training, the instructors was able to operate a 50 knobs audio mixer with very little trouble. Most of the times they was not quick enough to adjust audio levels, or to eliminate audio feedback. You can imagine the mess that fifty knobs and other dozen of buttons that look all the same can do during an emergency situation. Lots of audio feedback, lots of too much volume, too low volume, and lots of complaints.

We attended Congresses, intensively interacted with globally recognized experts on medical simulation, manufacturers of simulation systems, manufacturers of medical devices, and several other experts that could contribute with us to develop better and simpler systems for the medical learning environment. We still do it. It’s a continuously learning, researching and developing. Intuitive (one button) System – UNIT (Tiradentes University, Aracaju, Brazil) Intuitive (one button) System – UNIT (Tiradentes University, Aracaju, Brazil) Back to the design desk, we started to develop what we called “the one only button system”. It’s basically a bunch of electronics that sit on hidden places where the user can’t touch or barely see. We try to hide everything that does not need to be visible. The only things that we still can’t hide are set in the top of the desk. And it has one only button (press and release). That’s it. And we never had another complaint.

The basic idea is to let the instructor to focus on medical things and completely forget about electronic devices. He or she already have too much to concentrate when operating the medical and simulation devices and scenarios. The intuitive system that we built does not need any training. Of course that one or another customization is necessary from one client to another, but it’s expected. Some clients need special features and we like it a lot. We learn with our client needs. There is one important thing that we learned, and this might be the most important.

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Besides learning from clients, we need to teach and educate them before start talking about electronics. It’s necessary to listen a lot, design solutions and, sometimes, to explain why that ‘simple’ thing that is being requested should not be implemented. It’s important to put expectations to a certain level that we can accomplish.”

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