October 29, 2015By Lance Baily

BioMojo Seeks To Provide Leading Virtual Physiological Human Simulation Platform

biomojo simulation training

This week we came across BioMojo, a new veteran owned small business formed for the purpose of improving the safety, efficiency, capacity and clinical performance of healthcare, which seeks to become the world’s leading Virtual Physiological Human Simulation Platform. They will be focusing on the design, development and delivery of best-in-class, data driven, interactive 3D, virtual reality, medical simulation software products using advanced game technologies and an embedded human physiology engine.

Virtual Physiological Humans

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Our software platform is a methodological and technological framework based on multiscale mathematical computer models representing parameters of the human body.

Basic models start at the level of cells, tissues and organs. Advanced models include the cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, digestive, endocrine, immune, lymphatic, muscular, integumentary, excretory, urinary, reproductive and skeletal physiologic systems.

Serious Games, Immersive Simulations and Virtual Worlds

Our subscription based, SaaS solutions combine the virtual physiological human framework with artificial intelligence, learning management systems and the power of commercial game technology (Unreal Engine 4) to create the following:

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  • Virtual Reality Games and Simulations
  • Mobile Healthcare Games
  • Augmented Reality Telementoring Tools
  • Medical Decision Support Tools
  • Personal Connected Healthcare Applications
  • Virtual Clinical Trials

Learn more on the BioMojo website!

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