August 18, 2015By Lance Baily

SIMED Simulation Education Resource Portal Launches at Simulation Australia

simed australia

This week in Adelaide Australia Simulation Australasia is taking place which is a collaborative event between SimHealth and SimTech which combines multiple simulation disciplines into one giant international meeting! I just heard from Australian Sim Champ Kirrian Steer that a new Simulation Education Resource Portal ‘SIMED’ launched at the event! This looks to be a fantastic new online and simulation center resource for our expanding global community so be sure to check it out!

SimEd aims to provide high-quality resources for Clinicians, Educators, Students, Technicians and Simulated Patients who are engaged in simulation-based education and training. Supporting a community of practice in regional Victoria and beyond, SimEd provides a platform for sharing ideas, knowledge and experience of all current and future practitioners. SimEd provides a hub for discussion around the technical and educational aspects of simulation in healthcare education and for students, supports just-in-time learning and the development of work-ready skills. SimEd has been created and developed by La Trobe University, as part of a broader commonwealth funded simulation project. This project received funding from the Australian Government

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Educator resources

Find resources on how to plan and deliver successful simulation sessions. Latest articles:

  • Scenarios Confidentiality/Media Consent forms
  • Scenario development templates
  • Case studies
  • The role of narrative in debriefing

Student resources

Find simulation scenarios, articles, testimonials and helpful hints on what simulation is and how you can use it throughout your education and future career in health. Latest articles:

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  • What equipment might I use in simulation?
  • What happens in a debrief?
  • How to get the most out of simulation
  • Student testimonials
  • Benefits of feedback

Simulated patient resources

Learn about the SP profession and how to give back to health professionals. Latest articles:

  • Interview with a simulated patient
  • Simulated patient testimonials
  • Simulated patient testimonial video
  • Simulated patient session evaluation form
  • How to leave it behind you after the session

Technician resources

Find tips for moulage, equipment, reviews and maintenance and how you can apply it in your career as a simulation technician. Latest articles:

  • Maintenance Resources available
  • SimMan3G maintenance checklist
  • Simulation apps
  • Blood clots

Learn more about Simulation Australasia here and then
Visit the SIMED website today for all these great resources and more!

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