June 1, 2015By Lance Baily

What Sports Performance Analysis Can Teach Healthcare Simulation

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Last week, software company HUDL acquired Sportstec, the parent company of Studiocode — which provides a/v recording and performance analysis software for medical simulation. The software is really robust, providing a high level of detail with regards to annotating actions and exporting data for research purposes. Users can create custom one-click data entry mapping tools specific to their program needs, meaning you can change the button layout for recording performance actions for different types of of scenarios, learners, or instructors. With better tagged scenario footage, you can quickly export the specific segments you need to highlight the learning opportunities. For example, you could quickly export the three 10 second clips that exist somewhere in a one hour scenario recording. This speeds up time for facilitators and learners to witness the exact moments they need to review.

Bringing Sports Analysis to Healthcare

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When our community compares medical simulation to other industries we often speak about aviation or military training. Yet the sports industry has a lot of parallels which can directly apply to our analogies, learning, and evolution. Consider that in sports team members are a constantly morphing as players start, retire, trade or have injuries. The team has a common goal against numerous different opponents who have unknown tactics. While obviously the stakes to win are not as life or death, they are still high.

In healthcare, we are constantly working with different team members against high stakes traumatic or medical cases with unknown dynamics. Thus, the tools and methods that big budget sports programs use to increase their odds of victory should be evaluated, compared, and at times adopted into healthcare. Of course, sports companies like HUDL will need to fully understand the needs of healthcare providers to ensure that the tools are designed from the ground up to better support our needs. Physical movement around a ball is less dynamic than healthcare’s movement around a patient, as opposed to verbal communication in healthcare which (hopefully) takes place more often than in sports. But with customizable coding systems, Studiocode has that potential to help us focus on our specific needs — whether that be team-based communication or an individual’s specific task evaluation.

About the Acquisition

Sportstec Managing Director Philip Jackson announced the acquisition proposal to Sportstec staff today saying, “The market has changed dramatically over the last 16 years and proudly we can claim to have driven a lot of this change. We have done extremely well in the elite sports market to be globally recognized as number one. A key area missing from the Sportstec offering is the grassroots and amateur markets where Hudl has excelled, making the combination a compelling market strategy and story. The culture and willingness to always improve will ensure the Sportstec brand continues to inspire the market.”

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“This goes beyond our global growth as a company,” said Graff. “With this acquisition comes the opportunity to study how Sportstec’s top tier programs use these tools. By familiarizing ourselves with what’s analyzed in professional leagues, we can tailor the tools Hudl currently offers to amateur teams across all sports.”

Subject to all conditions, Sportstec would be Hudl’s third acquisition in 12 months. The transaction is expected to close in late June.

About Hudl
Hudl is a leading software company changing the way coaches and athletes train to stay ahead of the competition, offering video distribution, play diagrams, individual analysis and more, securely available online. More than 3.5 million users from 100,000 teams, spanning the smallest youth programs, to high schools, elite colleges and professional teams, rely on Hudl’s software to give them the competitive edge they need to succeed.

About Sportstec
Sportstec provides coaching applications and professional services to the world’s premier sporting teams. Since 1999, Sportstec has lead the performance analysis revolution with its famous SportsCode and Gamebreaker brands. Sportstec has built a global network that includes direct operations in 14 countries and a distribution network spanning another 40 countries.

And to connect all the dots, Studiocode is used by British Airways to analyze the performance of their pilots during training and recertification. Clearly the overlap between simulation industries and performance analysis is shrinking every day.

Learn more at Studiocode’s website today!

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