May 15, 2011By Lance Baily

Extra! Read all about it with Medical Simulation Newsletters!

Medical Simulation Newsletters are where it’s at!  I receive a lot of great information easily from various sources by signing up for healthcare simulation related newsletters.

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Newsletters, like the one on, are a great way to receive a monthly update with all the “best of” information from a company, organization, or resource center.

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In this post I will cover all the great medical simulation newsletters I currently receive! Newsletter!

First and foremost you should definitely sign up with us here at, as we cover a range of great topics specific to the medical simulation industry.  From moulage to multi-disciplinary healthcare simulation center staffing needs, to medical simulation product previews and reviews! The medical simulation newsletter shows up about once a month highlighting all the latest and greatest from the website!

Other great sources of monthly news items include:

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California Simulation Alliance Newsletter:

Even if you are not a Californian, there are great resources available to you at the CSA website including:

– Access to over 60 validated scenarios (75 projected by the end of 2011)
– Access to the simulation coordinator list
– Access to the list-serve
– Access to survey data
– Access to forms, job descriptions, bibliography, etc.
– Access to preferred vendor pricing agreements (Institutional Subscription only): Laerdal, SimAction, EMS and more to come
– Bi-monthly newsletters

Sign up for the free newsletter and consider investing in a subscription which will get you access to the great content listed above!

INACSL List Serve:

INACSL has a list-serve email system for members.  The platform is a little out of date but you will receive some quality information from the daily digest of emails.

SESAM Newsletter:

The society in Europe for Simulation Applied to Medicine hosts a page with all of their relevant newsletters.

IMSH Newsletter:

If you are a member of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSIH) you will occasionally get emails regarding key information from the Society.  But, you can always check out the latest news at their online newsletter.

Vendor Newsletters:

While vendor newsletters mostly highlight current and new products, they can also provide some very useful insights about successful simulation programs. Keeping in the loop with the latest in product information and industry trends is always worth the extra monthly email.

Gaumard Newsletter (Includes a monthly newsletter with seasonal promotions, event invitations, special offers and product launches as well as resourceful links to articles).

METI Newsletter (check the Subscribe to HPSN News box)

Laerdal Newsletter (Great selection of newsletters related to specific medical simulation markets including: EMS, SUN Meetings, Hospitals, Nursing, and Military / Federal)

*NEW* EMS Newsletter (By signing up for more info you will start to receive their great newsletter, or email Gwen)

Room for one more!

Got another newsletter you’d like to share? Post a reply below or email Lance today and I will include the information here!

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