November 7, 2014By Lance Baily

Pulse R&D – 3D Models for Medical Education & Device Companies

medical simulation prototype

Our topic today is designed to support those medical simulation champions or new companies looking to build training products for our growing sector with the note about Pulse R&D, a group which helps to produce models for a plethora of medical markets. If you are looking to commercialize your medical simulation task-trainer concept, Pulse is certainly worth considering to help with creative engineering & design for prototype manufacturing!

medical simulation prototype manufacturer

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About Pulse R&D:

Surgeons are by nature hands-on people. How are you demonstrating your medical device? Pulse intentionally designs & engineers each model to tell the story of your medical device. Your model will be easy & intuitive to use, have smartly crafted consumables, clearly show the merits of your device, and be congruent with your brand. Custom designed 3D Medical Training Models, Physical Sales Aids, Medical Device Marketing Models, Anatomical Demonstration Models & Medical Device Replicas can be realistically complex or simple, pared down to the absolute essence of what you need to show. Give us an assignment! Tell us: the medical device, procedure, key strategic messages, and competitive differentiators. We will produce dynamic 3D model concepts for you to consider.

task trainer development

Check out this insufflatable laparoscopic trainer pump and integrated camera and scope. Used for realistic training for surgeons on emerging procedures. The models are sent to locations all over the world to train without the use of expensive and inconvenient animal or cadaver labs.

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