March 11, 2011By Lance Baily

Drake Systems Group Completes World-Class Audiovisual Design for UCSF

Last week I received a great email from Drake Systems Group covering their new audio video systems for the Teaching and Learning Healthcare Simulation Center at UCSF!

Drake Systems Group at UCSF

Drake Systems Group, Inc.™ (DSG™) has successfully completed design on the new state-of-the-art audiovisual system at the University of California, San Francisco Teaching and Learning Center.

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The Center, which opened on January 18, 2011, relies on immersive, experiential simulation to provide an exceptional team-teaching tool in healthcare education. Architects and planners, in conjunction with faculty and end users, depended on DSG for advice on design specifications, product selections, workflow scenarios, well as objective counsel on future advances in telemedicine and medical education technology.

“It was a privilege to work with the great team at UCSF. Now they have the modern tools they need to teach students how to save lives without risk to actual patients,” said David Drake, DSG president. “In a world where healthcare audiovisual technology is critical, what better way to offer our expertise than to design a world-class medical simulation site like the Teaching and Learning Center?”

The 22,000+ square-foot project includes 12 exam rooms, two simulation rooms that can be configured as operating rooms, emergency rooms, labor & delivery rooms, or ICUs, and four telemedicine training rooms. Cameras and microphones digitally record students’ work then play it back to them in HD for debriefing.

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Drake Systems Group completes UCSF project

DSG designed the Teaching and Learning Center with HD resolution to enable precise depiction of facial expressions and emotions of students during simulations. It placed iPads outside exam rooms to provide tutorial videos for the student before entering and to aid in room scheduling. And it added thermal-imaging cameras so that disaster recovery scenarios could be recorded in a complete lights-out environment.

UCSF Teaching and Learning Center Video System

The complex project presented numerous challenges that DSG successfully met. HD video became desirable during the comprehensive design process, and DSG made it possible to deploy that enhanced technology. The center’s large video network needed to integrate with UCSF’s expanding enterprise-wide system. Physical space available for the new system was limited, but faculty standards for educational excellence in a flexible environment were not.

Drake Systems Group, Inc., is an independent advisory firm dedicated to planning and designing audiovisual communication systems for the healthcare industry. They design for both clinical and non-clinical medical environments, including operating rooms, simulation centers, conference rooms, auditoriums and more. For additional information, visit .

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