April 4, 2024By Teresa Gore

Nursing Simulation Interviews Promote Attendance for INACSL 2024

INACSL hosts an annual conference for nursing simulation educators, researchers, and simulation operation specialists. The International Nursing Association for Clinical and Simulation Learning (INACSL) was founded in 2002 and is an association dedicated to advancing the science of healthcare simulation. INACSL has more than 2,400 members worldwide dedicated to advancing the science of nursing simulation by providing professional development, networking resources, and leadership in defining Healthcare Simulation Standards of Best Practice. As a proud media partner, this HealthySimulation.com article by Teresa Gore, PhD, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, CHSE-A, FSSH, FAAN, will review highlights of INACSL23 and help set the stage for INACSL24. Stay tuned May 9th for an upcoming webinar from INACSL board members about the non-profit organization and upcoming 2024 event (taking place June 12-15th in Raleigh, North Carolina).

At INACSL conferences, healthcare professionals have the opportunity to network with colleagues and exhibitors, discuss best practices related to competencies, safety, and quality performance indicators, and advance the science of simulation in nursing. Each year, the INACSL Conference serves as a leading forum for healthcare simulation professionals, researchers, and vendors to provide the ideal environment to gain and disseminate current, state-of-the-art knowledge in the areas of skills, simulation operations, and applications in an evidenced-based venue. Through workshops, educational sessions, poster presentations, exhibitors, and Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) credits, INACSL offers valuable experiences, concepts, and networking opportunities.

INACSL 2023 Recap

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INACSL 2023: INACSL23 imagined the future of simulation together June of 2023, in Providence, Rhode Island. The INACSL Conference is a leading forum for simulationists, researchers, and solution providers creating the ideal environment to gain and disseminate current, state-of-the-art knowledge in the areas of skills, simulation operations, and applications in an evidenced-based venue. INACSL23 had over 850 attendees, 110 vendors, engaging keynotes and concurrent session along with a great exhibit hall.

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INACSL24’s theme is Collaborate. Innovate. Grow. at INACSL24. INACSL24 will occur in Raleigh, NC, June 12-15, 2024. INACSL24 will feature incredible speakers and presentation topics that will provide actionable best practices for simulationists to help tackle challenges today and in the future. Registration is now open for INACSL24. Find the best registration package that works for you and secure a spot at one of the premier conferences in healthcare simulation. Register Early Bird rates end April 19, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

  • Pre-Conferences and SIM Tours
  • Exhibit Hall with over 100 vendors
  • Keynote Presentation: Kevin Pemberton, AB, MBA, CFA – Enhancing Patient Engagement and Improving Clinical Outcomes in the Age of Data & AI
  • Concurrent Sessions
  • Hayden Vanguard Keynote & Awards Ceremony: Jennifer Viveros, PhD, MSN – Community-Informed Simulations to Reduce Stigma in the Care of Individuals with Opioid Use Disorder
  • INACSL Celebration Reception
  • Endnote Presentation: Rebecca Love, RN, BS, MSN, FIEL – Nurse Innovation: Saving the Future of Healthcare

INACSL Healthcare Simulation Standards of Best Practice

INACSL’s major priority and contribution to medical simulation are the carefully developed standards for simulation practice. Since originally announced in 2011, the INACSL Standards of Best Practice have guided the integration, use, and advancement of simulation-based experiences within academia, clinical practice, and research. They are designed to advance the science of clinical simulation, share best practices, and provide evidence-based guidelines for the practice and development of a comprehensive standard of practice.

Further, the Healthcare Simulation Standards of Best Practice provide a detailed process for evaluating and improving simulation operating procedures and delivery methods that every medical simulation team will benefit from. Adoption of the Healthcare Simulation Standards demonstrates a commitment to quality and implementation of rigorous evidence-based practices in healthcare education to improve patient care.

View the LEARN CE/CME Platform Webinar How to Implement INACSL’s Healthcare Simulation Standards of Best Practice Into Your Program to learn more!

INACSL Simulation Education (ISEP)

To bring education and best practices to participants, INACSL has developed the “INACSL Simulation Education Program” (ISEP, a comprehensive, online 12 course program. This particular program aligns with the vision, mission, and core values of INACSL in promoting evidence-based strategies across healthcare simulation. Developed and facilitated by experts in the field, ISEP provides a pathway for novice and intermediate simulation educators, practitioners, and directors to learn and apply these evidence-based strategies in simulation.

Cornerstones of Best Practice Program

INACSL has developed the “Cornerstones of Best Practice” program to create a new way to learn about the four cornerstones of high-quality simulation — Prebriefing, Facilitation, Professional Integrity, and Debriefing with more flexible, independent, participant-driven educational course modules that can be completed. The Cornerstones serves as an alternative learning environment for simulationists who are unable to commit to a long-term course format or who want to customize their Healthcare Simulation Standards learning plan.

INACSL Endorsement

INACSL established a Healthcare Simulation Standards Endorsement in 2022 to recognize healthcare institutions and practices that have demonstrated excellence in applying all four clinical simulation standards from the Healthcare Simulation Standards of Best Practice (HSSOBP) in their educational simulation programs. The four standards include Prebriefing: Preparation and Briefing, Facilitation, Professional Integrity, and Debriefing. For INACSL endorsement, organizations must demonstrate a commitment to pursuing and sustaining excellence in the four standards mentioned above, designated as the “Cornerstone” Health Simulation Standards. According to INACSL, these Healthcare Simulation Standards are meant to guide the “integration, use, and advancement of simulation-based experiences within academia, clinical practice, and research.”

More About INACSL Membership

INACSL membership provides the education, resources, and tools that best address current challenges and help support learner, educator, and professional goals related to the learning of healthcare simulation’s latest developments. This is while ensuring that these individuals are enabled to provide the most comprehensive education and training for high-quality patient care.

Whether someone is new to healthcare simulation and is looking to understand the fundamentals or are experienced and seeking the latest updates and research, INACSL can provide them with the support they need. Membership in INACSL is based on connection, engagement, support, and inspiration.

Learn More About INACSL24!

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