October 18, 2023By Teresa Gore

Lumeto Launches the First Customizable AI-Driven Conversational System in VR Healthcare Simulation

Lumeto introduces a first in the healthcare simulation industry – a Large Language Model (LLM) based AI-enabled technology that supports free flowing virtual human responses, animations, and interaction replicating real life scenarios and ensuring more realistic and effective clinical simulation. The conversational AI system was developed internally by Lumeto and has been fully integrated into the Involve XR platform. This HealthySimulation.com article will explore how Lumeto’s conversational AI using extended reality can meet the needs of your healthcare simulation program.

LLM and Generative AI became popular more recently with the phenomenon of ChatGPT, which is built to be an AI assistant. With a strong focus on leveraging the latest tech to solve challenges in healthcare training, Lumeto has used this technology and further enhanced this to create fully conversant virtual patients by adding natural language processing, gaze tracking and character animations, making the experience feel like a seamless conversation between a patient and a care provider.

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The Generative AI component, further elevating the flexibility offered by Lumeto’s InvolveXR platform, is the deep level of customization of each aspect of a patient such as their history, lifestyle, family details and nuances such as the accent they speak in, their characteristics, etc. With this, clinical educators can create a wide variety of patients to also impart diversity, equity and inclusion as a strong undercurrent in all learning experiences on InvolveXR. The platform has several immersive clinical environments with interactive tools for assessments, diagnoses and treatments. With all of these versatile capabilities, InvolveXR caters to a wide spectrum of healthcare learners and institutions:

  • Nursing Schools
  • Medical Schools
  • Residency Programs
  • Fellowship Programs
  • Hospitals
  • Medical Societies

Raja Khanna, Lumeto CEO states, “It’s astounding to see the technology in action. The addition of the conversational AI system allows for free-flowing rapport back and forth between the learner and the virtual patient. By replicating the nuances of everyday care, InvolveXR is now better equipped to support the development of crucial competencies around procedural knowledge and steps, clinical decision-making, effective communication, and emergency response, all ultimately geared towards improving patient safety and care.”

Benefits of AI Conversational Platform

The goal in healthcare is to provide high-quality healthcare with minimum risk to patients. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that healthcare miscommunication is the leading cause of 80% of all healthcare errors. Poor communication skills is the major concept that causes these patient errors. Poor communication among healthcare professional can cause life-threatening complications for patients.

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Traditional manikin based simulation does not allow the healthcare learners to monitor and assess non-verbal communication and cues. Standardized Patients allows the healthcare professional learners to interact with live humans that have been trained to play the role of the patient in specific simulations. The major issue with the use of the SPs are the ongoing cost for each experiential session, the requirement for synchronous sessions, and trained facilitators to monitor and debrief the simulation encounter. Pre-scripted, uneditable dialog prompts in virtual solutions also limit the communication capabilities and associated competency development.

A training platform with Conversational AI can provide natural two-way communication between the healthcare professional participants and the virtual patient. The major benefits are:

  • Strong competency building around patient engagement and care
  • High joy of learning in a fully immersive environment with psychological safety
  • Standardized process without scenario drift due to human factors
  • Less cognitive load on educators, who don’t have to “talk” like the patient or check dialog prompts. Instead, they can focus on the learners and their learning outcomes.
  • Learner centric for learning based on their competency level and to meet their need
  • All inclusive platform – once purchased, no additional cost for per experiential learning sessions or new enhancements to the technology

Involve XR Provides Innovative Clinical Training

InvolveXR is the most immersive and flexible VR-based training platform for institutions looking to deploy data-driven, enterprise-grade, immersive training and assessment across the healthcare spectrum. InvolveXR offers unparalleled flexibility and customization with the largest and ever-growing library of “no code” Learning Experiences created by clinicians for clinicians.

The versatile InvolveXR immersive simulation lab operates as both a multi-user synchronous training and assessment tool, and an asynchronous learning and practice platform, currently used by a wide array of healthcare institutions – Nursing Schools, Medical Schools, Residency & Fellowship Programs, Hospitals and Medical Societies. With a mission to lower barriers and improve accessibility to easy and effective training, the platform can be accessed by users onsite or remotely with low cost hardware, or via flat screens. Great news – the Conversational AI capability is currently available at no additional charge for all InvolveXR license customers and will be included with any new subscriptions.

To celebrate this milestone, Lumeto is offering a 30-day free trial of the InvolveXR platform with the new Conversational AI capability to 10 Healthcare institutions. If you’re interested, please register your interest by sending a note to contact@lumeto.com with the subject “Conversational AI Limited Trial Interest”.

More About Lumeto

Lumeto is a Healthcare XR company with strong expertise in spatial technologies that was founded in 2021 to enable the future of work through an advanced AI-powered XR simulation, training, and skills assessment platform, InvolveXR. The platform enables institutions looking to deploy data-driven, enterprise-grade, immersive training and assessment across their workforce. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, the company operates across the healthcare spectrum, with the goal to enhance learning outcomes tied to individual and team decision-making, problem-solving, de-escalation, and complex procedures.

Lumeto’s immersive simulation lab, InvolveXR, aims to meaningfully reduce the huge social and financial cost of medical error. Flexible training in virtual simulated environments can improve the preparedness and confidence of clinicians globally. Lumeto operates across the healthcare spectrum, catering to educators and learners at every level of their competency, enhancing learning outcomes tied to individual and team decision-making, problem-solving, de-escalation and complex or rare procedures. Lumeto is based in Toronto, Canada, and employs a global workforce.

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